Wisconsin father who blocked school superintendent from shaking high school graduate's daughter shares details of 'rude' encounter as his lie is exposed

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The Wisconsin begetter who rushed nan shape astatine his daughter's precocious schoolhouse graduation to extremity her from shaking hands pinch nan superintendent elaborate nan speech that near him enraged.

Matt Eddy, 49, interrupted nan Baraboo High School ceremony connected May 31 arsenic his girl was astir to person her certificate and pushed superintendent Rainey Briggs aside.

The begetter was escorted retired of nan building pursuing nan confrontation and arrested for disorderly conduct. 

Video of his question and reply pinch constabulary obtained by DailyMail.com showed Eddy claimed he felt Briggs slighted his girl during a gathering and he was unworthy of shaking her hand.

'I didn’t want him to beryllium capable to shingle her f*****g manus because he did not merit it aft each nan s**t she went done successful this district,' Eddy said.

Matt Eddy, 49, told constabulary he stopped his girl from shaking superintendent Rainey Briggs manus because he slighted her during a meeting

The begetter claimed that is was Briggs who initiated nan beingness contact, nevertheless surveillance footage shows he touched nan superintendent erstwhile he jumped connected stage

'The measurement he acted erstwhile my girl was charged, almost charged, was a bunch of b******t… he shook his caput and rolled his f*****g eyes.'

'I’m not cool pinch him shaking my daughter’s manus aft he treated her nan measurement he did,' he said.

It is unclear what incident Eddy's girl was progressive in, but he alluded to immoderate problem pinch different students that led to her expulsion and a ineligible battle.

'She was expelled for doing nan aforesaid point that was done to her… location was a gathering pinch him,' Eddy said.

'He was rolling his eyes erstwhile I brought up nan truth that nan aforesaid point had been done to her and it p****d maine disconnected because we’re successful nan mediate of a tribunal case.'

The begetter claimed he conscionable jumped connected shape to extremity his girl from shaking nan superintendent's manus and that is was Briggs who initiated nan beingness contact.

'I didn't touch him until he touched me,' he said. 

However, surveillance footage shows that erstwhile Eddy jumped connected shape he grabbed Briggs arm and walked him towards nan curtain.

Eddy denied pre-planning nan section and told constabulary he moreover walked retired erstwhile Briggs gave his speech. 

Eddy said during a gathering his girl had pinch Briggs, nan superintended rolled his eyes and shook his he erstwhile he brought up what different student had done to her 

'I didn’t want him to beryllium capable to shingle her f*****g manus because he did not merit it aft each nan s**t she went done successful this district,' Eddy told police

At nan commencement of nan astir 2 infinitesimal agelong interaction, Eddy is seen pinch his arms crossed and pacing by nan bleachers.

As his girl moves done nan procession, Eddy rushed successful beforehand of nan stage, clapping for his daughter, past leapt complete nan steps to scope Briggs.

After pulling nan superintended to nan back, nan 2 men speech words past Briggs pushes Eddy away.

That is erstwhile Baraboo High School main Steve Considine, seen wearing a tan jacket, inserts himself betwixt nan 2 men.

'When I perceive Dr. Briggs opportunity thing to nan effect of "get your hands disconnected of me..." that's erstwhile I turned my caput and spot location was immoderate benignant of scuffle,' said Considine.

'That's erstwhile I went successful beforehand and inserted myself betwixt Dr. Briggs and this guy, Mr. Eddie, I don't cognize his name, and past he was pushing backmost against me.' 

'If he would person conscionable ran away, I wouldn't request to, but he was decidedly pushing backmost almost for illustration he was trying to get astatine Dr. Briggs.'

Eddy was escorted retired of nan building pursuing nan confrontation and arrested for disorderly conduct

The begetter told constabulary his girl had been progressive successful problem astatine schoolhouse and felt Briggs guidance was disrespectful arsenic they are successful immoderate benignant of ineligible battle

Several others subordinate successful connected breaking up nan confrontation and Eddy goes down nan shape curtain.

'[We] benignant of cornered him truthful he really couldn't spell anywhere, truthful he tried to assistance up nan curtain, location were gymnastics mats underneath, truthful he scurried out,' Considine said.

'I was very mad. It’s a typical ceremonial for a typical night. Dr. Briggs did not merit that, nan student did not merit that, we person a batch of group successful nan gym, I was very frustrated.' 

'The feline was very aggressive, it was disgusting behavior,' he said.

Briggs has filed a restraining bid against Eddy and Dane County Circuit Court Commissioner J. Alberto Quiroga has since temporarily ordered Eddy to person nary interaction pinch Briggs until a proceeding connected June 14. 

In his restraining order, Briggs stated Eddy said he is 'not going to touch my (expletive) daughter' Wisconsin News reports.

The superintendent told constabulary he did not cognize who nan man was astatine nan time.

He said he knew of 1 lawsuit wherever Eddy's girl had been disciplined by nan school, but that he had thing to do pinch it, insisting he 'has nary thought why Eddy reached nan measurement he did.'

Briggs and nan schoolhouse committee person been nether occurrence by a group of outraged residents.

They presently trying to callback schoolhouse committee president Kevin Vodak, who was astatine nan graduation.

Vodak has been accused of favoritism and providing inadequate salary and support for teachers.

Briggs (pictured) has revenge a restraining bid against Eddy and they person been bid to person nary interaction until a proceeding connected June 14

Baraboo High School main Steve Considine (pictured) said he was worried for Briggs information and erstwhile he put himself betwixt nan 2 men, Eddy was pushing back

Briggs has been criticized for his net and those of different administrators, while contracts awarded to his consulting firms person besides travel nether scrutiny.

Critics besides pointed to a precocious turnover of unit during his tenure and student behaviour problems.

The schoolhouse territory said successful a statement: 'Our superior attraction remains connected celebrating nan achievements of our graduates.

'We want to guarantee that nan value of this milestone and nan difficult activity of our students are not overshadowed by this unfortunate event.'

The territory added that they are moving pinch rule enforcement.

'We would for illustration to stress that nan information and well-being of our students, staff, and organization members is simply a apical priority... The School District of Baraboo is taking this incident very seriously.'

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