Who Is ​the Father of Malika Haqq’s Baby? Her Relationship With O.T. Genasis

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When Malika Haqq announced her gestation successful 2019, she and nan baby’s father, O.T. Genasis, had already split. Fans want to cognize what their narration is for illustration today.

When Did Malika Haqq and O.T Genasis Break Up?

The brace dated connected and disconnected from 2017 done 2019. In a June 7, 2019, Instagram post, Malika confirmed they were over, sharing a photograph wearing a stunning see-through lace dress and penning “single” successful nan caption.

When Did Malika Haqq Reveal She Was Pregnant?

Malika announced successful a September 2019 Instagram station while partnering pinch Clear Blue that she was pregnant. At nan time, she chose not to uncover her baby’s father.

The Good American exemplary confirmed O.T. – existent sanction Odis Oliver Flores – was nan begetter of her unborn kid during her babe ablution connected February 8, 2020. “I’m incredibly thankful to Odis Flores for my small boy,” nan Keeping Up With nan Kardashians alum said astatine nan party. Malika added, “I person thing against coed babe showers, but I will opportunity nan logic why I wanted a babe ablution afloat of women was because it’s you women that helped maine get done this gestation 100 percent.”

Later that day, O.T. took to Instagram to inquire fans for babe sanction ideas, adding, “My boy connected da way.”

Also successful February 2020, Malika told fans O.T. had been hands-on during her pregnancy.

“Relationships don’t ever activity retired nan measurement we would dream but betwixt emotion & relationship we person created a babe boy that will beryllium present very soon,” she wrote connected Instagram. “I’ve been azygous nan past 8 months but I americium successful nary measurement alone. OT and I person attended each doctors apt and complete each loved connected our boy together while anticipating his arrival.”

Malika gave commencement to their son, Ace Flores, connected March 14, 2020.

Who Is The Father of Malika Haqq's Baby O.T. Genasis

Courtesy of Malika Haqq/Instagram

Do Malika Haqq and O.T. Genasis Coparent Their Son?

Malika is going astir things arsenic a azygous mom arsenic of 2024, saying she was raising her boy “alone.”

In a May 29, 2024, Instagram station showing photos of Ace, Malika talked astir their travel together.

“We’ve knowledgeable truthful overmuch caller successful nan past 2 years, maturation I needed and it’s specified a blessing to unrecorded a life afloat of value time. I don’t get intelligence aliases beingness breaks astatine length. Every clip I deliberation to slow down Ace reminds maine conscionable really overmuch he deserves to acquisition it all,” she wrote aft talking astir his “exhausting yet rewarding portion of life.” It included, “school, summertime camp, baseball, gymnastics, jiu-jitsu, piano, sound lessons, auditions, day parties, play dates, travel, everything successful between.”

“I’m nary superhero but raising a small 1 unsocial will judge make you consciousness for illustration you person connected an invisible cape. I’ve slowed down truthful overmuch of my individual life and activity conscionable to nurture nan improvement of Ace. I’m truthful proud of each we’ve accomplished frankincense far. Every full-time genitor could usage a patient spot of reflecting, it’s simply important,” Malika continued.

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She added, “I cognize I’m not nan only 1 who needs a hug, a solid of wine, bully cry… You’re doing it, I spot you, they request us, KEEP GOING!”

Who Is The Father of Malika Haqq's Baby O.T. Genasis

Courtesy of Malika Haqq/Instagram

When Is nan Last Time O.T. Genasis Shared a Post About His Son?

The “Everybody Mad” rapper shared a video holding Ace successful March 2023, arsenic nan small boy was making funny faces and noises. The 2 seemed to person a saccharine bond, and O.T. playfully spot Ace’s limb astatine 1 point.

In a March 2022 Instagram post, O.T. held a smiling Ace successful an adorable father and boy photo, penning successful nan caption, “Happy day Ace. 2 years son,” on pinch a bluish bosom emoji.

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