Wheel of Fortune cohost Vanna White speaks out about her future on beloved game show - as she recalls heartwarming Pat Sajak moment on her first day

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  • Vanna, 67, has admitted she though astir retiring aft Pat, 77, discontinue nan show
  • Mom-of-two has signed a caller statement and will beryllium joined by Ryan Seacrest
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By Kirsty Mccormack, Senior Entertainment Reporter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 14:53 EDT, 27 May 2024 | Updated: 14:53 EDT, 27 May 2024

Wheel of Fortune prima Vanna White has revealed really agelong she plans to enactment moving connected nan celebrated gameshow pursuing nan imminent departure of her longtime cohost, Pat Sajak.

After news collapsed successful June 2023 that Sajak, 77, would beryllium retiring aft hosting much than 7,500 editions since 1981, White, 67, has admitted that she besides thought astir leaving nan show - but has since revealed she's not rather fresh to opportunity goodbye, and has signed a caller two-year contract.

When asked really agelong she thinks she'll instrumentality astir during an question and reply pinch TV Insider, White replied: 'I don't know. When I heard that Pat was retiring, I thought possibly I should discontinue too, but I'm not ready!'

'We'll spot toward nan extremity of those 2 years really I feel. I convey God aft each these years that I still emotion my job,' she added, earlier admitting that she 'can't describe' really she feels astir his retirement.

'I consciousness happy for him. I can't ideate doing nan show without him aft 41 years. I sum it up arsenic [like] reference a bully book, it ever has to end. This has been nan champion book I've ever read,' nan mother-of-two gushed.

Wheel of Fortune prima Vanna White has revealed really agelong she plans to enactment moving connected nan celebrated gameshow

Vanna has admitted she thought astir retiring aft cohost Pat Sajak announced that he was leaving

Recalling her very first time connected Wheel of Fortune successful 1982, White said: 'I remember being highly nervous. It was difficult for maine to moreover talk, my rima was conscionable shaking retired of nerves because it was, "I can’t judge this is happening. I'm connected a TV show."'

When asked what sewage her done it, she revealed: 'Pat. [He said,] "Calm down, it's going to beryllium OK." I was conscionable a small aged woman from North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, wanting to beryllium connected TV from nan clip I was 10. He made maine consciousness comfortable successful beforehand of a camera. He was my teacher.'

White went connected to uncover her 'fondest memories of Pat' and said: 'I don't deliberation there's thing [he and I] haven't talked astir successful 8,000 shows.

'We've traveled astir nan world together, we've watched our kids turn up together, we've thrown pies successful each other's faces. 

'He's truthful funny, I emotion him for illustration a brother. Gosh, I've known him longer than I've known anybody, we will beryllium friends forever.'

Sajak's last section hosting Wheel of Fortune will aerial connected June 7 earlier Ryan Seacrest takes complete arsenic host.

Seacrest, 49, precocious opened up astir his upcoming domiciled arsenic big of Wheel of Fortune, which will commencement successful September, and will besides spot him service arsenic a consulting producer.

'Of course, being adjacent to Vanna, she's a legend. She's an icon,' he told E! News when asked if he was looking guardant to his caller job.

Vanna and Pat person been moving together connected nan show since nan early 1980s

Vanna admits that it was Pat who made her consciousness 'comfortable successful beforehand of a camera' erstwhile she first joined nan crippled show successful 1982

Ryan Seacrest will beryllium stepping into Pat's shows this September arsenic nan caller big of Wheel of Fortune

'We spent a small shooting immoderate promos for adjacent season, and she's conscionable truthful down to earth. She's precisely what you would expect.' 

He continued: 'It's conscionable truthful breathtaking to deliberation astir being connected that set. I've watched nan show for truthful galore decades. I'm a instrumentality of nan show, and nan crippled is nan star.'

White besides had thing but bully things to opportunity astir her caller cohost.

'He was conscionable truthful benignant and he goes, "No one's ever gonna switch Pat, I'm not trying to switch Pat. I'm conscionable thrilled to beryllium capable to activity pinch you and I'll do immoderate it takes. Please thatch maine immoderate I request to know," truthful that was really nice,' she said of Seacrest.

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