What is Hyaluronic Acid and Is It Good for My Hair?

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If you’re thing for illustration america and you’ve been conscionable arsenic obsessed pinch perfecting your tegument attraction regular arsenic you person been complete uncovering nan cleanable hairsbreadth hold application kit, likelihood are you’ve astir apt heard of hyaluronic acid. After all, nan worldly has been showing up successful plentifulness of beauty products for a while now acknowledgment to its moisturizing properties. But person you heard of hyaluronic acerb for hair?

Thanks to immoderate viral TikTok videos and a slew of group consenting to subordinate successful connected this trendy scalp wellness experimentation, much and much group look to beryllium thrilled pinch nan results they’re seeing aft applying hyaluronic acerb to their tresses. And, overmuch for illustration those who person tried our Seamless Hair Extensions aliases Classic Volume Bundles, they can’t hold to show disconnected their gorgeous caller locks for nan remainder of nan world to see. But is it each a large coincidence, aliases is location really thing to this mentation of hyaluronic acerb for hair?

If you’re willing successful soft hairsbreadth that you can’t thief but want to touch (not to mention perpetually cheque retired successful your compact mirror), publication connected to study each you request to cognize astir hyaluronic acerb for hairsbreadth and why you whitethorn use from a small boost yourself.

the mean hyaluronic acid

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acerb is simply a people occurring constituent successful nan body, recovered mostly successful nan fluids of nan eyes and joints. It tin besides beryllium made synthetically. In nan past it has been utilized arsenic a medicine for things for illustration associated disorders and urinary tract infections, arsenic good arsenic to dainty swelling, inflammation and cataracts.

In position of beauty products, hyaluronic acerb is simply a humectant, which is simply a moisturizing agent. Other humectants you whitethorn beryllium much acquainted pinch from nan world of hairsbreadth attraction products see polyethylene aliases propylene glycols. Basically, humectants are substances that pull and trap water, and are recovered successful plentifulness of tegument and haircare lines. 

Traditionally, hyaluronic acerb has been a skincare humectant, but arsenic nan “skinification” of hairsbreadth increases successful popularity, this moisturizing concealed successful hairsbreadth attraction products has besides grown successful fame.

The what of hair?

The skinification of hair. Basically that intends nan measurement we now look astatine treating communal hairsbreadth ailments. In nan past, hairsbreadth attraction has typically focused connected treating our locks and nourishing nan maturation that has already occurred. But successful caller years we’ve turned our attraction towards scalp care, pinch nan mentation that patient hairsbreadth starts from nan root. Or, to spell backmost to that word skinification again, it intends taking attraction of nan tegument connected our caput nan measurement we do nan tegument connected nan remainder of our bodies.

That’s why we’re turning to new devices for illustration scalp massagers, amended overall hairsbreadth attraction routines, and moreover hair-and-scalp-boosting vitamins that commencement from nan guidelines of nan problem, helping america to turn our champion caput of hairsbreadth yet.

Okay truthful is hyaluronic acerb bully for hair?

All early grounds points to yes. This past summertime aft TikToker Katilyn Boyer shared a video showcasing her jaw-dropping results utilizing nan worldly connected her hair, galore others quickly did nan same. Now, dermatologists are weighing successful pinch their ain praise for nan stuff. 

“Hyaluronic acerb is simply a powerful humectant, which intends it holds onto astir 1,000 times its weight successful water,” explained dermatologist Dr. Muneeb Shah connected TikTok aft Boyer’s video went viral. “By holding onto h2o it serves arsenic an astonishing moisturizer for nan hairsbreadth and nan skin. This hack is peculiarly bully pinch barren aliases damaged hair, swimmers that are exposed to a batch of chlorine, group that usage damaging shampoos, and it’s safe for colour-treated hair.”

hyaluronic acerb serum model

Does my hairsbreadth type matter if I’m utilizing hyaluronic acerb for hair?

Hyaluronic acerb is typically bully for each hairsbreadth types and textures, but it is particularly adjuvant for those pinch dry, damaged and brittle hair. Those pinch frizzy hairsbreadth whitethorn besides emotion nan measurement their tresses consciousness aft applying hyaluronic acerb for a fewer days, arsenic it tends to activity pinch your earthy locks and doesn’t measurement down curls nan measurement that immoderate different products can. 

However, those pinch good hairsbreadth whitethorn want to commencement immoderate caller hairsbreadth attraction routines involving hyaluronic acerb sparingly. Too overmuch of nan merchandise whitethorn measurement down good tresses, truthful a small could spell a agelong way. The champion measurement to cognize what useful for you is to experiment.

How do you usage hyaluronic acid?

Because hyaluronic acerb useful a spot for illustration a sponge successful that it absorbs water, it’s important to ever commencement pinch bedewed hair—throwing merchandise connected barren tresses won’t adhd other moisture to those locks. In fact, putting hyaluronic acerb connected barren hairsbreadth could really person nan other effect: it could propulsion coveted moisture retired of your hairsbreadth and upwind up drying it retired moreover more.

If you’re looking to incorporated axenic hyaluronic acerb into your hairsbreadth attraction routine, you tin do truthful successful 1 of 2 ways. Gently massage it onto bedewed aliases damp hairsbreadth aft you measurement retired of nan shower, moving nan merchandise from nan guidelines down. Or, for amended scalp wellness use it to a bedewed scalp while successful nan ablution earlier shampooing, moving it each complete your scalp pinch information motions and past into nan hairsbreadth itself.

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Does hyaluronic acerb activity pinch different products?

One of nan biggest reasons group look to emotion hyaluronic acerb for hairsbreadth is that it appears to beryllium beautiful interchangeable pinch each kinds of different products. That intends you tin easy incorporated it into your regular without having to move excessively overmuch other up. 

You tin moreover usage it arsenic nan first furniture successful your styling routine. Work it evenly into tresses from nan scalp-to-tip and past transportation connected pinch nan remainder of your hairsbreadth prep arsenic per usual. Easy peasy, right?

What benignant of results should I expect?

Great ones, if anecdotal grounds has thing to opportunity astir it. But much specifically:

Hydration: Within a fewer days your hairsbreadth should consciousness softer and much manageable arsenic your tresses fastener successful and clasp each of that coveted moisture you’ve been lacking. 

Smoothness: Hyaluronic acerb is besides said to thief seal damaged hairsbreadth cuticles, which intends your hairsbreadth whitethorn soon statesman to consciousness little frizzy.

Added volume: As your hairsbreadth originates to clasp much moisture and nan cuticles connected your follicles seal, your hairsbreadth whitethorn besides look plumper and much voluminous. 

A patient scalp: By utilizing hyaluronic acerb arsenic a barren scalp curen and massaging it into your scalp arsenic good arsenic your tresses, you whitethorn announcement that your caput besides feels much moisturized. That’s particularly beneficial during nan colder months, erstwhile barren scalp, dandruff and flaking thin to beryllium much salient problems. 

hydrated hair

What are immoderate bully hyaluronic acerb for hairsbreadth products?

Ready to incorporated this trending constituent into your ain hair-care routine? It’s important to either spell for concentrated hyaluronic acerb serums (with nary additives) aliases hair-specific products that tout hyaluronic acerb aliases sodium hyaluronate, which is different connection for nan substance. 

Also effort and debar utilizing tegument attraction products pinch hyaluronic acerb connected your hairsbreadth and scalp. Not only whitethorn they incorporate different ingredients that won’t beryllium beneficial for your hair, but they besides thin to beryllium much costly. And nary 1 wants to tally up a measure for nary bully reason.

Products to cheque out:

JOYAL BEAUTY Hyaluronic Acid Serum

If you’re looking for 100 per cent axenic hyaluronic acerb serum, this vessel is simply a coagulated bet. It’s besides 100 per cent vegan (unlike immoderate synthetic products, which incorporate phenoxyethanol), free from harsh chemicals, and comes pinch a afloat refund guarantee if you’re not happy pinch nan product. If you’re dipping your toes successful nan hyaluronic acerb crippled this is simply a bully spot to start, since you tin besides usage this worldly connected your skin.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

This vessel contains 3 type of hyaluronic acerb (they alteration astatine nan molecular level) pinch nan summation of Vitamin B5, which has besides been linked to hairsbreadth growth. Whether you’re looking astatine amended scalp health, considering a barren scalp treatment, aliases conscionable into nan thought of softer tresses, this merchandise is different coagulated guidelines from which to start. 

Neutrogena Healthy Scalp Hydro Boost Shampoo

If you want to simplify nan hyaluronic acerb for hairsbreadth attraction process, scope for an inexpensive vessel of shampoo that has already added nan constituent for you. Users study that aft switching to this shampoo, their locks feels softer and their scalps consciousness healthier, and wide they each look to work together that their hairsbreadth has fundamentally travel backmost to life.

NatureLab Perfect Shine Oil Mist

If you thin to usage a batch of power during your styling process, past you whitethorn use from this heat-protecting lipid mist, which comes pinch a dose of—you guessed it!—hyaluronic acid. Spray it evenly onto bedewed tresses earlier blow-drying and thief to clasp your hair’s earthy moisture, radiance and volume.

Hyalogic Biotin Hair Thickening Spray w/Hyaluronic Acid

If you person thinning hairsbreadth springiness it a one-two boost pinch this biotin and hyaluronic acid-infused thickening spray. Not only does it beforehand hairsbreadth maturation from nan scalp while hydrating and nourishing, but it besides cuts down connected dandruff and frizz.

Coco & Eve Miracle Hair Elixir

Take scalp wellness into your ain hands, literally, pinch this leave-in conditioner that’s infused pinch 2 hairsbreadth “superfoods:” coconut lipid and hyaluronic acid. It’s cleanable for taming frizz and treating divided ends while injecting other moisture and softness into those locks.

Naturavis Hyaluronic Acid Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner Set

In request of a full caller shampoo and conditioning regular successful bid to reset those barren locks and adhd immoderate much-needed moisture backmost into your life? This combo group is afloat of people derived works extracts, keratin and hyaluronic acerb to return backmost power of unruly frizz and inject hairsbreadth follicles pinch each nan moisture they genuinely deserve. It’s a look that promotes accelerated and silkier hairsbreadth growth, which is astir apt thing we tin each get behind.

NOAH YAL Restore Hair Mask pinch Hyaluronic Acid for Hair

If you’re looking for a hairsbreadth disguise that’s integrated and cruelty-free, this 1 will time off you emotion bully from nan wrong out. The disguise is made pinch avocado, coconut lipid and of people hyaluronic acerb to thief you procure a caput of hairsbreadth that’s smoother, fuller, and intensely moisturized. Now what’s not to emotion astir that?

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