Wellington County residents to pay more for their garbage collection

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Posted May 27, 2024 3:51 pm

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Bag tags successful Wellington County are going up arsenic of July 1. Getty Images

It will beryllium costing residents successful Wellington County, Ont., much to get free of their family garbage.

Starting July 1, garbage fees will spell up 50 cents per bag.

For curbside pickup, a ample container will spell up from $2 to $2.50 a bag.

It will costs $2 for a mini bag, up from $1.50.

Garbage taken to nan discarded installation tract is up from $2 to $2.50 a container but location is nary complaint if nan garbage is successful a yellowish personification salary bag.

The county’s coagulated discarded services section said successful a news merchandise that nan interest summation was basal to guarantee nan continued proviso of high-quality discarded guidance services to residents crossed nan county.

It said it remains dedicated to providing transparent and sustainable discarded guidance solutions that use some residents and nan environment.

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