'We do not want nakedness in our culture': Nigeria's First Lady slams influence of some American stars on country's women in speech weeks after Meghan and Harry's visit

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The First Lady of Nigeria has warned nan country's women not to 'lose who they are' successful a reside fixed soon aft Meghan Markle's sojourn wherever she besides slammed nan 'nakedness' of US celebrities.

Speaking astatine an arena successful Abuja to people nan first twelvemonth of her husband's administration, nan woman of President Bola Tinubu urged its teenagers and young group to dress much demurely and not 'try to emulate movie stars from America'.

Senator Oluremi Tinubu, who is nicknamed 'mummy' by immoderate Nigerian citizens, said: 'We person to salvage our children. We spot nan measurement they dress. We are not having nan Met Gala. And everyone, nan nakedness, is conscionable everyplace and nan men are well-clothed.

'So we person to do something. Tell them we don't judge nakedness successful our culture. That is not beautiful. It's not beautiful astatine all'.

The First Lady did sanction Meghan successful her reside but was not criticising nan Duchess, who met pinch young women herself successful nan West African federation connected Saturday 2 weeks agone wherever she called Nigeria 'my country' and announced she is 43% Nigerian.

Meghan Markle gestures arsenic she and Prince Harry sojourn children astatine a schoolhouse successful Abuja connected May 10

Harry and Meghan astatine a polo fundraiser arena successful Lagos connected May 12

The Duchess of Sussex, co-hosts an arena of Women successful Leadership pinch Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Director General of nan World Trade Organization successful Abuja connected May 11

First Lady, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, warned successful her reside (pictured) that Nigerian children are astatine consequence of losing their personality owed to nan power of immoderate stars successful nan US

Senator Tinubu gave nan informing connected Saturday astatine an arena successful Abuja tagged 'Celebrating nan Woman' (pictured)

In her ain connection to Nigeria's women connected Saturday successful nan aftermath of Harry and Meghan's taste sojourn to besides beforehand Invictus, Senator Tinubu said: 'They do not want to mimic and effort to emulate movie stars from America. 

'They don't cognize wherever they travel from.

'Why did Meghan [Markle] travel present looking for Africa? That is thing we person to return location pinch [us]. We cognize who we are. Don't suffer who you are'.

Meghan and Harry's travel to Nigeria was hailed arsenic a occurrence but nan Duchess of Sussex has faced immoderate disapproval from immoderate experts complete her ultra-expensive prime of clothing connected her 'faux royal tour' pinch Prince Harry this period successful a state pinch precocious unemployment and poverty.

The erstwhile character and influencer described it arsenic a homecoming and revealed she is 43% Nigerian according to a DNA test. Harry playfully said astatine 1 arena that nan Nigerian assemblage were his 'in-laws'.

One manner master said that Meghan, who wore a number of stunning outfits including immoderate backless and sleeveless dresses, could person shown 'more modesty successful clothing' because Nigeria is predominantly a Muslim country. 

Another suggested Meghan 'bared excessively overmuch skin' and would person covered up much had Buckingham Palace been readying nan trip.

Senator Tinubu said successful a reside broadcast by Arise News said of Nigerian women: 'They're each beautiful girls, but they should beryllium assured successful who they are'.

She added: 'They support forgetting that Nigeria, we are beautiful. You tin spot what they showcase connected nan stage, I said, 'We are fashionable, we spot what is going on'.'

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex meet pinch nan Chief of Defence Staff of Nigeria astatine nan Defence Headquarters successful Abuja connected May 10

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, greets students astatine nan Lightway Academy successful Abuja connected May 10

Prince Harry and his woman Meghan astatine a sitting volleyball accumulation lucifer successful Abuja connected May 11 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (pictured connected May 11) visited Nigeria connected a three-day circuit earlier this period to observe nan tenth day of nan Invictus Games

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex get astatine nan Lagos airdrome for Official State Welcome connected May 12

Nigeria's Chief of Defense Staff Christopher Musa (L), his woman Lilian Musa (2ndL), Lagos State Governor wife, Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu (3rdL), Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu (3ndR), Britain's Prince Harry (2ndR), Duke of Sussex, and Britain's Meghan (R), Duchess of Sussex, airs for a photograph astatine nan State Governor House successful Lagos connected May 12

The First Lady urged Nigeria's women to go unifying forces successful their homes and communities to thrust greater prosperity for nan nation.

She said: 'When mothers guidelines pinch you, nan location is successful order. Looking ahead, we must endeavour to go nan unifying unit successful our homes and our communities, to bring astir greater prosperity for our nation.

'To each our mothers present today, and to those who person supported and support rubbing our lives successful countless ways, I opportunity convey you. Thank you for your love, strength, and unending sacrifices'.

Last week it emerged that Prince Harry sewage 'goosebumps' complete plans for a caller Invictus Games centre successful Nigeria.

The Prince, 39, said nan caller centre, which will thief warfare veterans pinch beingness and intelligence rehabilitation successful Abuja, Nigeria, shows servicemen and women will not beryllium 'defined by their injuries'. 

Speaking astatine a reception hosted by nan Nigerian Chief of Defense Staff Christopher Musa during nan Duke and Duchess' 'royal' circuit of nan state earlier this month, Harry said: 'Seeing nan plans for nan caller Invictus Centre gives maine goosebumps'. 

He told guests he was gladsome Nigeria had joined nan Invictus Games, and that athletes astatine nan past competition 'represented their work and this country, extraordinarily — won medals and came backmost pinch smiles connected their faces.'

It came arsenic he and woman Meghan Markle, 42, made their first charismatic travel to Africa since quitting nan royal family arsenic moving royals and moving to California, wherever they now unrecorded pinch their children Princess Lillibet and Prince Archie. 

The prince, 39, said nan caller centre, which will thief warfare veterans pinch beingness and intelligence rehabilitation successful Abuja, Nigeria, shows servicemen and women will not beryllium 'defined by their injuries'

Prince Harry said that seeing nan plans for nan caller centre (pictured) gave him 'goosebumps'

Architect Kobina Banning told People the centre 'will beryllium a treatment spot for veterans.'

Nigeria is nan first federation successful nan full of Africa to subordinate nan Invictus Games. 

He added Nigeria has nan largest service successful Africa and that soldiers tin service pinch nan information of knowing 'there is this installation to autumn backmost on'.

'Here...soldiers embark connected a transformative travel of healing, hope, and renewal.'

In a explanation for nan caller centre, which is yet to beryllium completed, organisers said: 'The Invictus Centre stands arsenic a testament to nan unwavering courageousness and fortitude of wounded, injured aliases sick soldiers, offering them a sanctuary of healing, hope, and empowerment. 

'Here, amidst nan clasp of quality and community, lives are transformed, and nan quality tone soars ever higher, undaunted by nan challenges that dishonesty ahead.' 

The Sussexes travelled to Nigeria for a three-day travel to observe nan tenth day of nan Invictus Games, nan sporting arena group up by Prince Harry for injured servicemen and women astir nan world.

The Sussexes travelled to Nigeria for a three-day travel to observe nan tenth day of nan Invictus Games 

Meghan and Prince Harry were flown astir Nigeria for free by an hose whose president is simply a fugitive wanted successful nan US

The Sussexes besides enjoyed taste events, a travel to a polo club, gathering injured soldiers astatine a subject infirmary and playing adaptive sports

Meghan is pictured stodd adjacent to 5 different female meal guests arsenic she attended a luncheon pinch Minister of Defence successful Abuja Nigeria

During nan trip, Prince Harry besides visited nan 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital, successful Kaduna, wherever he met and said pinch Nigerian veterans.

The Sussexes besides enjoyed taste events, a travel to a polo club, and playing adaptive sports. 

During nan trip, nan mates were flown astir Nigeria by hose Air Peace, founded by Dr Allen Onyema.

This caused contention aft it was revealed that Dr Onyema is wanted by nan US arsenic he faces aggregate charges linked to millions of dollars worthy of alleged fraud group down successful a national indictment revenge successful November 2019.

There is nary proposal that either Harry aliases Meghan were alert of Onyema's history earlier they met him. 

After nan travel royal insiders claimed that nan King and Prince William would person been near 'absolutely furious', owed to its royal circuit position successful each but name.

Author Tom Quinn pointed retired that nan programme of events, royal gifts and meetings pinch nan county's apical brass meant nan couple's travel was highly reminiscent of visits made by moving royals. 

The circuit was intended to beforehand intelligence wellness for soldiers and empower young group – and nan mates attended events related to Harry's Invictus Games, which Nigeria is seeking to big successful future. 

The adjacent Invictus Games is being held successful February adjacent twelvemonth successful Vancouver, Canada. 

But nan disapproval did small to spoil nan Sussexes spirits, pinch Meghan telling 1 newsman connected nan trip: 'We're conscionable doing great. And happy to beryllium watching our family turn up and evolve. Of course, I'm happy. We're really happy.'

She besides described nan circuit arsenic 'really meaningful', saying specified trips were 'about america being capable to spell retired and spell and attraction connected nan things that mean truthful overmuch to us'.

Harry added: 'You cognize what Africa intends to maine complete nan years. It is simply a very, very typical place, and to beryllium capable to see Nigeria now, I'm very happy.'

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