‘Very bad mistake’: Sask. MLA Jeremy Harrison addresses gun allegations

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Nearly 2 weeks aft allegations were brought guardant against Saskatchewan MLA Jeremy Harrison regarding his behaviour successful nan legislature and his impulse to transportation a gun, Harrison is telling his broadside of nan story.

The allegations came to ray May 16 erstwhile Speaker Randy Weekes accused Harrison of intimidating behaviour and said nan curate erstwhile brought a limb into nan building.

Premier Scott Moe said nan allegations were “unequivocally false,” however, Harrison later admitted to bringing a properly-cased agelong weapon into nan building. Harrison said he talked to nan premier aft he remembered.

“Approximately a decade ago, I was going hunting connected a weekend,” Harrison said past week. “I stopped astatine nan Legislative Building for a short play of clip and brought a properly-cased agelong weapon into nan building pinch nan knowledge of information officials truthful arsenic to not time off it unattended successful my conveyance successful nan parking lot.”

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Harrison later resigned arsenic authorities location leader but remains curate of waste and acquisition and export.

Opposition leader Carla Beck said Moe has shown anemic activity not removing Harrison wholly from caucus.

“People should cognize that it’s not nan correct point to bring a weapon into their workplace,” Beck said. “I’m judge that a coach who possibly had a firearm wouldn’t deliberation it was okay to bring it into schoolhouse aliases personification who useful successful wellness attraction who’s going hunting aft activity knows that that’s not a due spot to bring it, to bring a firearm.”

On Monday, Global News sat down pinch Harrison truthful talk nan allegations:

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Q: Allegations were made against you from Randy weeks connected nan past time of nan legislative sitting. What was going done your mind?

A: “Firstly, what I want to do is apologize to nan group of nan province, and I want to apologize to folks who worked successful nan building 10 years agone erstwhile this occurred. This was a very bad correction successful judgment, and it was a very bad mistake.”

“I’m accountable for it. The premier and I had a chat erstwhile (these allegations) occurred and I fto him cognize that I would beryllium opinionated down and we had nan chat astir House leader. I’m accountable for this. I’m sorry for this, and, it shouldn’t person happened, and it ne'er happened aft that. And it will evidently ne'er hap again.”

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Q: If this happened a decade agone (bringing a weapon in) and for it to beryllium brought up successful nan past time of nan legislative sitting, what were your thoughts connected that?

A: “I didn’t really drawback this peculiar allegation erstwhile it was each occurring. There were immoderate very, very superior and important accusations that were being made. Frankly, I’m surprised. I don’t cognize wherever nan immense mostly of those came from.”

“I grew up arsenic a lawful firearms owner. I grew up arsenic a hunter. You know, it’s really a awesome portion of our practice and measurement of life successful agrarian Saskatchewan. One of nan existent tenants of firearm information is you do not time off a firearm unattended successful nan backmost of your truck. Even if you’re stopping astatine a residence for immoderate magnitude of time, you bring your firearm, into nan residence because they get stolen retired of vehicles.”

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“What I shouldn’t person done, though, is travel by nan legislature and brought (the gun) in. Even though location were nary rules against it aliases nary provisions that were being violated. It was an correction successful judgment.”

Q: Is it existent you requested to beryllium capable to bring a weapon into nan building?

A: “It is wholly untrue.”

Q: The speaker publication immoderate of nan matter messages sent from yourself and different ministers. Do you deliberation he was incorrect successful emotion for illustration he was harassed aliases bullied?

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A: “I shouldn’t person sent nan matter that was that was publication into nan record. It is important to retrieve location are difficult conversations that hap successful nan legislature. There really are. And those conversations usually hap betwixt Speaker and nan House leader.  That’s wherever they mostly stay. But you do person these conversations. They hap and person happened historically. I tin perfectly attest to that firsthand.”

For Beck, nan apology is simply not enough.

“Harrison lied astir bringing a weapon into nan legislature,” Beck explained. The NDP began calling for an investigation to beryllium conducted into nan allegations past week.

“Today we saw that location will beryllium nary further consequences for that minister, which I deliberation shows anemic activity connected nan portion of nan premier. The group of Saskatchewan merit amended answers than what we’re provided today.”

No discussions person travel from Weekes astir pursuing further investigations into Harrison’s actions successful nan legislature.

And while it remains to beryllium seen if immoderate further actions aliases subject could travel of nan actions, pinch an predetermination expected to beryllium called for this October, voters will person nan chance to make their sound heard connected nan matter.

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