Vancouver’s Museum of Anthropology reopens after 18-month seismic upgrade

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One of Canada’s astir salient museums is reopening aft an 18-month upgrade for “cutting-edge” base-isolation retrofitting that would let it to past a once-in-2,500-year earthquake.

The Museum of Anthropology astatine nan University of British Columbia’s field successful Vancouver will reopen to nan nationalist later this week pinch 2 caller exhibits, on pinch a $40-million upgrade connected nan building primitively opened successful 1976.

 African Routes, Canadian Roots’ to unfastened astatine MOA'

4:01 ‘Sankofa: African Routes, Canadian Roots’ to unfastened astatine MOA

UBC Facilities head of task services Jay Hiscox says nan retrofitting was challenging fixed renowned designer Arthur Erickson’s “unconventional” design, wherever adding caller support would person “complicated nan building and mislaid its essence.”

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Officials opportunity it’s nan first clip a Canadian depository has been retrofitted pinch nan guidelines isolation technology, which uses activity joints astatine nan bottommost of nan building to limit nan transportation of crushed shifts to nan structure.

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The depository was identified arsenic a precocious privilege for seismic upgrades successful 2017, and head Susan Rowley says they took it arsenic an opportunity to renew nan abstraction by adding caller exhibits, while refocusing nan Indigenous artifacts arsenic portion of “living, vibrant, sovereign cultures.”

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 'Museum of Anthropology grounds of puppets from astir nan world'

2:58 Museum of Anthropology grounds of puppets from astir nan world

One of nan caller exhibits, entitled “To Be Seen, To Be Heard,” focuses connected First Nations Peoples successful nationalist spaces representing their cultures during Canada’s assemblage past.

“We’re each reasoning astir reconciliation and decolonization and what does that mean, and trying to understand that history, peculiarly for galore of america who grew up not knowing this history though it’s nan history of nan onshore successful which we live,” Rowley says. “It’s trying to travel to position pinch what were we not hearing? How were we not proceeding it?”

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