Undercover officer testifies at murder-conspiracy trial around Coutts, Alta. blockade

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A female undercover serviceman who infiltrated nan 2022 separator blockade astatine Coutts, Alta., told tribunal nan occupation is surveillance and interdiction, but seduction is not a instrumentality of nan trade.

“You’re not allowed to usage your sexuality aliases person anyone other usage their sexuality astatine each during nan people of nan investigation. It’s a non-issue,” nan serviceman testified Tuesday successful consequence to questions from a Crown prosecutor.

“We unopen them down correct away.

“We’ll rather often usage (stories that we have) boyfriends aliases will beryllium same-sex oriented — thing that will return that disconnected nan table, truthful that it ne'er really enters into nan equation.”

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Anthony Olienick and Chris Carbert are connected proceedings charged pinch colluding to execution constabulary officers astatine nan blockade, a protestation of COVID-19 rules that paralyzed postulation astatine nan Canada-U.S. separator successful confederate Alberta for 2 weeks.

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The officer, who cannot beryllium identified, was referred to arsenic HQ1298. Media were moved to a abstracted room but allowed to perceive in.

The serviceman told nan proceedings she has been moving undercover for 2 decades successful projects crossed nan state but chiefly successful Saskatchewan and Alberta.

She said she has been trained connected home coercion and crime techniques, and really to memorize quotes, faces and descriptions.

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“You memorize it successful your head. You play it complete and over, truthful you don’t hide and you tin repetition it. Lots of times I’ll play it over,” she said.

Olienick and Carbert were arrested aft Mounties recovered a cache of guns, assemblage armour and ammunition successful trailers successful nan area.

They are besides charged pinch mischief and possession of a limb for a vulnerable purpose. Olienick faces a further complaint of being successful possession of a tube bomb.

It was nan 2nd time nan assemblage heard evidence. After opening arguments connected Thursday, nan proceedings was bogged down successful ineligible arguments that can’t beryllium instantly reported because of a publication ban.

“Don’t estimate astir nan reasons for nan delay,” Justice David Labrenz told nan jury. “There’s bully logic for it.”

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