Travis Kelce Reacts to Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson’s Claims They Set Him Up With Taylor Swift

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Travis Kelce reacted to sports commentators Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson‘s claims that they group him up pinch woman Taylor Swift aft his grounded effort to springiness nan popular prima his telephone number successful July 2023.

On May 23, Erin, 46, and Charissa, 42, appeared connected The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and joked astir nan commencement of Traylor’s emotion story. “[Travis] had mentioned connected his podcast that he went to nan [Eras tour] show, wanted to meet her afterwards, didn’t get nan chance to,” Erin explained. “So, we conscionable started talking astir it connected our podcast [“Calm Down​”] saying, ‘Taylor, do this for America. Date him.’ I mean, nan guy, he’s not disfigured by immoderate means. So, we’re like, ‘Taylor, go!’”

Charissa chimed successful and gushed that she and Erin “were advocating early on.”

“And he was very saccharine and he commented and he was like, ‘I beryllium you guys large time,’ truthful then, of course, everyone gives america credit,” she said. “We, you know, we’ll return nan credit. But I conscionable emotion some of them and I’m truthful happy to spot them happy.”

Jimmy, 49, who is besides a stan of nan couple, thanked nan women for creating Hollywood’s hottest couple, joking, “As a country, we’re thanking our servicemen and women [on Memorial Day], but we really person to convey you for what you’ve done for each of us. You brought america Taylor and Travis, ohio my God.”

The Tonight Show’s charismatic Instagram shared a clip of nan question and reply and Travis, 34, reacted to nan matchmaker’s claims successful nan comments section.

“For America!! Charissa and Erin are nan best!,” nan Kansas City Chiefs tight extremity wrote.

One period aft Taylor, 34, and nan NFL prima went nationalist pinch their narration successful September 2023, Erin re-shared a clip of nan August 2023 “Calm Down” podcast section via Instagram wherever she and Charissa endorsed Travis arsenic a awesome suitor for Taylor’s adjacent boyfriend.

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“You 2 are thing else!! I beryllium you large time!!” nan Catching Kelce prima replied successful nan comments section.

That said, Erin put nan jokes speech and admitted that she doesn’t “take immoderate credit” for Traylor’s whirlwind relationship.

“This full media fascination pinch her being progressive successful our sport, and group having opinions astir it hurting nan convention — are you kidding me? She’s unthinkable for our sport,” she told The New York Post successful May. “I find [Taylor] to beryllium wholly fascinating and empowering, and I consciousness for illustration now much than ever, she’s opened nan doorway to these female viewers.”

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