Tiktok’s Hottest Trend: Hair Theory

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From #coquettecore to Mindful mess, Tiktok is nan spot to beryllium for immoderate and each trends, nary matter what your artistic is. The astir celebrated inclination correct now for beauty and haircare lovers is Hair Theory.

Have you ever felt otherwise erstwhile you deterioration your hairsbreadth up successful a slicked backmost bun versus erstwhile you deterioration it down successful loose curls? Or erstwhile it’s hairsbreadth lavation time and you yet style it nan measurement you wanted? Those small changes successful really you style your hairsbreadth tin effect your day, your temper and moreover nan ways successful which you are perceived aliases treated by others. We’re going to break down Tiktok’s viral mentation and ways you tin execute different hairstyles based connected nan power you’re emotion that day.

Hair Theory has go 1 of nan hottest topics connected Tiktok this year, pinch hundreds of videos and complete 150 cardinal views. Under nan hashtag #hairtheory, creators showcase their hairsbreadth successful a assortment of styles, showing each style’s effect connected nan measurement they are seen. Just arsenic you would style different outfits for different occasions, location is simply a deeper meaning to nan theory. The measurement you deterioration your hairsbreadth tin effect really you consciousness astir yourself and really you are perceived successful nan world. Whether it’s intentional aliases accidental, you tin unlock different personas done nan ways you deterioration your hairsbreadth (almost for illustration having a existent life Hannah Montana moment).


which 1 do you like?

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Wearing your hairsbreadth down aft getting a caller blowout pinch our Acquired Style Rollers mightiness make you consciousness fun, caller and fresh to return connected those Zoom meetings, while wearing your hairsbreadth successful a tight ponytail pinch our Clip-In Ponytail mightiness make you consciousness powerful pinch a boost of confidence. How you deterioration your hairsbreadth is portion of your personality and it shares who you are pinch nan world. Here are immoderate examples of really hairsbreadth tin alteration your persona:

Wearing your hairsbreadth Down:

A classical measurement of wearing your hairsbreadth is to deterioration it down, pinch its earthy activity and texture. Wearing your hairsbreadth down is nan simplest measurement to look fresh, and it’s hassle free. You whitethorn deliberation that wearing your hairsbreadth down doesn’t person an effect connected your identity, but it wholly can! Having your hairsbreadth down pinch layers, utilizing our Seamless Clip-Ins, tin allude to nan truth that you’re relaxed, fresh to person nosy and easy going, while tucking your hairsbreadth down your ears whitethorn bespeak that you’re focused and engaged pinch immoderate you’re doing. Even nan smallest changes to your styling tin alteration nan full belief of your look. 



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Wearing your hairsbreadth up:

Sometimes you don’t want to style your hairsbreadth (we get it). You could stone a slicked backmost bun, utilizing our Clip-In Bun, aliases a precocious ponytail pinch our Clip-In Ponytail

When you deterioration your hairsbreadth slicked back, it tin springiness nan illusion that you’re polished and sophisticated. You are a girlboss, you’ve sewage places to beryllium and group to see. This style makes it easier for you to get that checklist done, while looking chic and you request your hairsbreadth retired of your look because you’re focused connected your time to time tasks. Messy buns connected nan different manus tin beryllium interpreted arsenic easy going, laid backmost and relaxed. 

Ponytails are different classical style that tin change your look each together. If you’re utilizing our Clip-In Ponytail, you are applicable and want a style that is easy to put together but still looks fabulous for immoderate occasion. It’s elemental but it gets nan occupation done (and it looks great).

@luxyhair Celebrating Ariana returning to euphony pinch a precocious pony. Seems fitting. #highponytailtutorial #slickedbackhair #clipinponytail ♬ Die For You - Remix - The Weeknd & Ariana Grande

Wearing 12” Hair versus 24” Hair:

We’ve each had those moments wherever we chop our hairsbreadth off, instantly regretting it but getting compliments that we’ve ne'er heard before. Fresh bob cuts are without a uncertainty very chic, unlocking your soul runway persona. They are Parisienne - afloat of style, elegance and radiate sophistication. In those regrettable moments wherever you miss your 24” mermaid hair, you tin style your hairsbreadth pinch 24” Classic Clip-Ins to fulfill your agelong hairsbreadth goals. Longer hairsbreadth tin beryllium attributed to a carefree and vibrant attitude. Whether it’s consecutive aliases crimped, agelong hairsbreadth tin springiness nan cognition that you are playful, trendy and for illustration to trial retired different styles.

@luxyhair Going from wow to WOW. @Sirat Sandhu wearing 24” Natural Red Classic Clip-Ins ✨ #luxyhair #clipinhairextensions #copperhairtransformation #shorthairtolonghair ♬ original sound - 870_Glenn

Different Hair Shades:

Taking nan plunge to dye your hairsbreadth is simply a committedness and is nan astir impactful measurement to alteration your wide image. We’ve each seen nan Tiktok inclination of celebrities pinch different hairsbreadth colors and their “eras”. For example, Gigi Hadid pinch Dirty Blonde locks is her tiny woman adjacent doorway era, while her crystal blonde hairsbreadth is axenic precocious fashion. Miley Cyrus pinch Bronde Balayage successful 2012 was nan “it girl” shade, perceived arsenic approachable and sweet, while her Gemini Hair successful Platinum and Off-Black radiates punk and “cool-girl”. Your hairsbreadth shadiness tin unlock different versions of you, frankincense unlocking really group astir you comprehend who you are.

@glowbabey Darker hairsbreadth suits her better🥺 . . . . . . . . . . #gigihadid #blondegigi #fyp #foryoupage #fypシ #bellahadid #zaynmalik #hairstyles #victoriassecret ♬ original sound - Hermoine

Overall, your hairstyle tin alteration your full look. The viral Tiktok inclination #HairTheory decidedly has immoderate truth to it and we tin admit that a slicked backmost bun does springiness disconnected a different power than a caller blowout. That being said, location is simply a bigger speech to beryllium had regarding Hair Theory. The tiktok inclination has garnered much attention, and pinch that location is much to uncover regarding nan narration betwixt nan measurement you style your hairsbreadth and really you are perceived. How you style your hairsbreadth is simply a reflection of YOUR identity, truthful by each means, deterioration your hairsbreadth nevertheless YOU want to! Hair is simply a shape of aforesaid look - our proposal is to style your hairsbreadth successful immoderate ways make you happy. Whether it’s pinch Clip-Ins, successful a Ponytail aliases successful abstraction buns pinch Tinsel, do you.

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