The Faces Behind Luxy: Safiya, Junior Copywriter

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What does a emblematic time astatine Luxy look for illustration for you?

As a inferior copywriter , I support our copywriter and lead editor connected maintaining Luxy Hair’s marque voice. This tin see thing from moving connected conceptual campaigns, to email newsletters, and providing support connected web copy.

Describe your WFH outfit 

A nosy crewneck aliases sweatshirt! Always paired pinch my cozy sweatpants aliases a trusty brace of leggings. Comfort is key! 

Why did you determine to prosecute a profession successful this field? 

I ever knew I wanted to constitute since penning my first ever short communicative successful Grade 2. An avid scholar and writer increasing up, it was important to maine to activity successful a section wherever I’d beryllium capable to turn my penning skills and showcase my creativity.

Working astatine Luxy has fixed maine this astonishing opportunity to deliberation extracurricular nan box, and to situation myself to create bigger and amended things pinch each caller project. 

Who is your hairsbreadth inspo and why?

Always obsessed pinch @xosara’s hair. She ever thinks a small spot retired of nan box, and ever adds a caller twist to modern trends. 

Favourite point astir moving astatine Luxy? 

The institution civilization astatine Luxy Hair is unmatched. The full squad useful truthful difficult to cultivate a abstraction wherever kindness, collaboration, and support are astatine nan forefront. We are ever celebrating each other’s wins, and supporting each different successful our times of need. Also, a typical shout-out to our comfy squad merch! 

What are your favourite emojis to use? 

😭 💀 🧐

What are 3 things you are grateful for and why? 

I will forever beryllium grateful for my mom, my health, and my friends. I americium truthful fortunate to person an astonishing support system!

What is your favourite snack? 

Popcorn, always. It’s nan 1 snack that I’m ever successful nan temper for, and it ever hits nan spot. 

Describe your self-care routine 

I’m an introvert astatine heart, truthful nan champion self-care is erstwhile I’m astatine location alone. I emotion to return a bully basking shower, propulsion connected a look disguise and watch a comfortableness movie/TV show (my favourite is The Office, aliases a Bollywood movie).

Which societal level is your favourite and who do you bask pursuing nan astir and why? 

Definitely TikTok. It’s nan spot wherever you tin get a small spot of everything. A awesome laugh, adjuvant tips/hacks and tons of merchandise recommendations! Some of my favourite creators are @mary_skinner, @iconicakes & @oldloserinbrooklyn 

What was nan past book that you publication that made a immense effect connected your life?

I deliberation that everyone should publication The Defining Decade by Meg Jay astatine slightest erstwhile successful their life. It has immoderate astonishing nuggets of wisdom, particularly for group successful their teens and twenties. Life is simply a travel of growth, truthful it’s truthful important to believe patience and kindness pinch yourself! 

What is your regular mantra aliases words to unrecorded by? 

One of my favourite quotes is: “Greatness is not your destiny, but rather, a determination that you make.” It’s an astonishing reminder to activity difficult towards your goals, and to not beryllium discouraged by immoderate obstacle successful your path.

What’s your horoscope motion and really would you picture yourself successful 3 words?

I’m a Sagittarius! If I had to picture myself successful 3 words I’d use: empathetic, creative, and loving. I’m a large kid astatine heart!

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