The Faces Behind Luxy Hair: Tianna, Affiliate & Social Media Coordinator

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What does a emblematic time astatine Luxy look for illustration for you?

Before work, I emotion having a meal shingle and listening to a podcast to easiness into nan day. I for illustration starting activity early to get my mundane tasks retired of nan measurement earlier moving connected typical projects.

Some of those tasks see engaging pinch connection contented connected socials, researching caller affiliates and influencers for upcoming campaigns, and reviewing connection applications.

Afterward, I activity connected different tasks and projects including TikTok & YouTube contented creation, creating run decks, and helping retired pinch managing influencers and affiliates.

Describe your WFH outfit 

I’m beautiful minimal erstwhile it comes to manner and I emotion comfortableness truthful astir days you tin find maine successful a crewneck, sweatpants, and a top knot bun. On Fridays I movie contented truthful I usage that time to play astir pinch immoderate much fashionable outfits!

Why did you determine to prosecute a profession successful this field? 

I went to schoolhouse for Fashion Communications and ever knew I wanted to beryllium successful nan manner and beauty industry, but ne'er knew precisely what my occupation title would be. I told myself going into assemblage that I would usage nan adjacent 4 years to soak up arsenic overmuch info arsenic imaginable and broaden my accomplishment set.

As nan years went by I recovered myself ever gravitating towards marketing, promotions, and societal media related projects. From that, I knew that was wherever I was meant to be!

Who is your hairsbreadth inspo and why?

Normani! She has a akin bony building and complexion to maine truthful I ever spell to her for hairsbreadth inspo. I cognize if she tries a hairstyle it's safe for maine to do it too! 😂

Favourite point astir moving astatine Luxy? 

It’s a difficult prime betwixt nan people, civilization and my domiciled itself. Luxy is made up of a group of phenomenal women who are truthful welcoming, creative, and are ever looking to grow! I emotion that mindset and gratitude is simply a large attraction wrong nan team. On nan different side, I emotion nan scope successful my role. Between my affiliate/influencer activity and contented creation, I get to usage some my analytical and imaginative sides!

What are your favourite emojis to use? 

😂   💁🏾‍♀️

What are 3 things you are grateful for and why? 

Family and friends, bully health, and opportunities

What is your favourite snack? 

I’m each astir equilibrium truthful I’ll person a vessel of consequence and past a container of chips (sweet chilli power to beryllium exact).

Describe your self-care routine 

I’m each astir fuelling your mind, body, and psyche truthful immoderate of my favourite self-care activities are: skincare, listening to a podcast, moving out, sleep, and giving myself clip unsocial to recharge.

Which societal level is your favourite and who do you bask pursuing nan astir and why? 

My favourite societal level is Instagram for sure! My favourite personification to travel is manner contented creator Ellie Joslin (@missjoslin). She has specified a awesome consciousness of style and I ever spell to her page for inspo! 

What was nan past book that you publication that made a immense effect connected your life?

Atomic Habits. Honorable mention goes to nan 4 Agreements.

What is your regular mantra aliases words to unrecorded by? 

Accept nan things you cannot change, person nan courageousness to alteration nan things you can, and person the  contented nan cognize nan quality

What’s your horoscope motion and really would you picture yourself successful 3 words?

I’m a Scorpio ♏️ I decidedly deliberation I’m existent to nan sign! I’m ace passionate, creative, and loyal.

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