Stephen Curry and wife Ayesha welcome their fourth child and second son, Caius Chai: 'Our sweet baby boy decided to make an early arrival!'

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Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry and his woman Ayesha person announced nan commencement of their 4th child, Caius Chai Curry, who was calved connected May 11.

'Our saccharine babe boy decided to make an early arrival!!' nan four-time NBA champion wrote connected Instagram alongside a photograph of nan newborn's hand. 'He's doing awesome and we are yet settling successful astatine location arsenic a family of 6! So grateful!'

It's unclear erstwhile Caius' original owed day was scheduled, but nan couple's first 3 children were each calved successful July – nan tallness of nan NBA offseason. Eldest girl Riley Elizabeth was calved successful July of 2012, while girl Ryan was calved 3 years later, followed by their first son, Canon, successful 2018.

The boy of erstwhile NBA defender Dell and relative of Charlotte Hornets reserve Seth, Stephen Curry is entering his 16th season, and already stands arsenic nan astir prolific 3-point shooter successful convention history. In summation to his 4 NBA titles, Curry besides boasts a NBA Finals MVP award, 10 All-Star nods, and 2 Most Valuable Player honors. 

Curry met Ayesha arsenic a teen astatine religion successful his autochthonal Charlotte, wherever his begetter was playing astatine nan time. The 2 yet joined successful July of 2011. 

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry and his woman Ayesha person announced nan commencement of their 4th child, Caius Chai Curry, who was calved connected May 11

PICTURED: Stephen, Ayesha, Riley (far right), Ryan (far left) and Canon Curry (on Ayesha's lap) 

The Currys are known to beryllium very progressive successful charity, church, and politics. 

In fact, Stephen is already pondering a governmental profession erstwhile he's done successful nan NBA. 

'Maybe, I person an liking successful leveraging each portion of my power for bully successful nan measurement that I can,' Curry told CBS Mornings successful March erstwhile asked if he could envision himself moving for President immoderate day. 

'So, if that's nan measurement to do it, past – I'm not going to opportunity nan presidency but if authorities is simply a measurement that you tin create meaningful alteration aliases if there's different measurement extracurricular of politics.'

Curry was promoting a caller children's book he's written, I Am Extraordinary, which is his effort to thatch kids to worth themselves arsenic unsocial individuals.

(From near to right) Ryan, Canon and Riley Curry are pictured connected Ayesha's Instagram account 

Curry is congratulated by his boy Canon arsenic his girl Riley looks connected aft a January win

He wouldn't beryllium nan first NBA player to effort his manus astatine politics.

Former NBA journeyman halfway Enes Kanter Freedom plans to tally for agency successful 2028, erstwhile nan Turkish-born US national will go eligible, and New York Knicks fable Bill Bradley famously served arsenic a US legislator from New Jersey from 1979 until 1997.

Bradley moreover ran for President successful 2000 earlier yet losing to Vice President Al Gore successful nan primary.

Curry and his woman Ayesha are some heavy progressive pinch charities and person supported programs aimed astatine helping children successful underfunded Oakland schools arsenic good arsenic underfed younker successful nan Bay Area.

He's besides a proponent of group equality, drafting nan ire of galore conservatives by kneeling successful a 'Black Lives Matter' t-shirt during nan nationalist anthem successful 2021.

Warriors prima Stephen Curry speaks during a White House news convention successful January of 2023

Barack Obama (center) appears adjacent to Stephen Curry (right) and different Warriors successful 2015

Curry famously infuriated then-President Donald Trump successful 2017 erstwhile he publically admitted he didn't want to spell to nan White House aft winning nan 2nd of his 4 NBA titles earlier that year. 

Championship teams are traditionally invited to nan White House, but Curry's Warriors were disinvited by Trump aft nan two-time MVP criticized nan arguable President publicly.

'Going to nan White House is considered a awesome grant for a title team,' Trump tweeted. 'Stephen Curry is hesitating, truthful invitation is withdrawn!'

At nan time, LeBron James rushed to Curry's defense connected Twitter (now X), writing, 'U bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain't going! So truthful ain't nary invite. Going to White House was a awesome grant until you showed up!'

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