Six Russian nationals with ISIS ties are arrested in NYC, Philly and LA  after crossing southern border - with one source fearing they were plotting a Boston Marathon-bombing type attack

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By Laura Parnaby For Dailymail.Com

Published: 15:51 EDT, 11 June 2024 | Updated: 16:15 EDT, 11 June 2024

Six Russian nationals pinch imaginable ties to ISIS person been arrested successful New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles  successful a coordinated sting by rule enforcement. 

Two ICE officials person told nan New York Post they arrested nan suspected violent affiliates past week aft nan FBI raised nan alarm. 

The suspects are primitively from Tajikistan, and they besides person Russian citizenship, according to nan Post. 

Anonymous ICE officials told nan newspaper a wiretap revealed 1 of nan suspects talking astir bombs. 

'Remember nan Boston marathon [bombing]? I'm acrophobic thing for illustration that mightiness hap again aliases worse,' 1 charismatic told The Post. 

Six Russian nationals pinch imaginable ties to ISIS person been arrested successful New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles successful a coordinated sting by rule enforcement - pinch 1 root fearing they were readying a Boston Marathon bombing-style onslaught (pictured)

The fishy successful mobility has been progressive pinch rule enforcement earlier and had a tribunal day adjacent year, according to nan source. 

It comes arsenic top rule enforcement officials warned nan threat of a violent onslaught successful nan US has risen 'enormously' complete nan past fewer months.  

Attorney General Merrick Garland made nan astonishing admittance while testifying earlier nan House Judiciary Committee connected Tuesday past week during a proceeding dedicated to investigating nan department's politicization. 

'I americium worried astir nan anticipation of a violent onslaught successful nan state aft October 7,' Attorney General Garland said. 'The threat level for america has gone up enormously.'

'Every morning, we interest astir this question. We effort to way anyone who mightiness beryllium trying to wounded nan country,' he continued. 'Of course, this is simply a awesome privilege for nan Justice Department.'

FBI Director Christopher Wray, speaking to a different committee connected nan different broadside of Capitol Hill successful nan Senate, agreed, saying 'we person seen nan threat from overseas terrorists emergence to a full different level' aft nan October 7 Hamas violent attack.

'We person seen a rouges' assemblage of overseas violent organizations telephone for attacks against Americans and our allies,' Wray said.

'Just successful nan clip I person been FBI head we person disrupted aggregate panic attacks astir U.S. cities.' 

'I would beryllium difficult pressed to deliberation of a clip erstwhile truthful galore different threats to our nationalist information and nationalist information were truthful elevated each astatine nan aforesaid time.' 

Rescuers activity to extinguish occurrence astatine nan burning Crocus City Hall performance venue pursuing a shooting incident, extracurricular Moscow, Russia, March 22, 2024

Wray said threats against Jewish Americans has been peculiarly acute.  

'We've seen an elevated threat to nan Jewish organization successful nan United States.'

Though he said Jewish communities were targeted earlier nan October 7 attack, since past nan threats 'went up dramatically.'

'Religiously motivated dislike crimes, adjacent to 60 percent of them, are targeted astatine nan Jewish community,' Wray testified, noting really nan organization only makes up 2 percent of nan U.S. population.

'Increasingly concerning is nan imaginable for a coordinated onslaught present successful nan homeland, not dissimilar an onslaught we saw successful nan Russia theater,' he added, referring to nan Crocus City Hall performance shooting successful March. 

One vector for threats to participate nan state is done nan U.S.-Mexico border, according to nan FBI chief.

Source dailymail