Shocking new border statistics reveal the surprising countries migrants are flocking to the US from

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Shocking caller separator statistic person revealed nan astonishing countries spawning an influx of migrants to nan US. 

While Chinese migrants proceed to predominate nan list, thousands are besides pouring successful from India, Vietnam, Turkey, Uzebakistan and nan West African federation of Mauritania. 

About 62% of each Chinese migrants arriving astatine America's borders are entering nan state done San Diego, according to US Border Patrol statistics.

At slightest 48,501 Chinese migrants person crossed into nan US illegally- mostly surrendering to Border Patrol pinch nan hopes of seeking asylum- from Oct. 1 done April. 

Chinese migrants hold to beryllium processed aft crossing nan separator pinch Mexico Wednesday, May 8, 2024, adjacent Jacumba Hot Springs, Calif. San Diego became nan busiest corridor for forbidden crossings successful April, according to U.S. authorities data

'It’s an 8,600% summation complete each of fiscal twelvemonth 2021, erstwhile conscionable 342 Chinese nationals crossed illegally - crossed nan full confederate border,' Fox News analogous Bill Melugin tweeted.


48,501 - China

8,900 - India 

7,800 - Turkey 

2,900 - Uzbekistan 

4,400 -  Mauritania 

3,000 - Vietnam 

5,600 -  Guinea 

Of those, 27,135 entered nan state either successful San Diego aliases successful nan area eastbound of nan city, which is each considered nan San Diego assemblage by nan Border Patrol. 

On Saturday alone, astatine slightest 118 Chinese citizens illegally transverse into nan region, Fox News reported.

While astir of nan separator sees astir of its migrants from countries for illustration Mexico and Venezuela, nan area adjacent San Diego attracts migrants from astir nan world. 

Since nan commencement of nan fiscal year, much than 8,900 migrants from India have arrived there.

Another 7,800 from Turkey, 5,600 from 5,600+ Guinea and 4,400 from Mauritania person besides entered nan state there.

'There is now an orchestrated, good organized cartel smuggling cognition of Chinese into Southern California,' Melugin stated. 

As was first to report, Chinese migrants are being smuggled into nan US pinch nan thief of Chinese gangs known arsenic 'snakeheads' who are operating successful synchrony pinch Mexican cartels.

Asian criminal organizations person been moving successful Mexico for galore twelvemonth successful supplier waste and acquisition and money laundering, but person precocious moved into quality trafficking business arsenic Chinese migrants person started showing up astatine nan border, cartel master Robert Almonte told

'The Chinese (smugglers) conscionable can't spell complete location and trim nan Mexican cartels retired - that conscionable doesn't happen. They've sewage to beryllium paying nan Mexican cartel immoderate benignant of a percentage, quota aliases tax,' he said. 

The world arrivals successful Southern California helped to propel nan San Diego assemblage arsenic nan busiest successful nan nation. 

At slightest 37,370 migrants entered nan US done nan San Diego sector, which includes each of Southern California isolated from for El Centro connected nan Arizona state line, according to nan US Border Patrol.

A Chinese migrant campy adjacent Jacumba, California has signs showing Chinese asylum seekers wherever to move themselves complete to US Border Patrol agents

In April, nan San Diego region surpassed Tucson, which had been nan nation's busiest, and fell to 2nd pinch 31,219 separator encounters.

El Paso sector, which includes nan West Texas metropolis and each of New Mexico, roseate to 3rd pinch 30,393. 

San Diego's emergence arsenic nan number 1 separator basking spot had been expected, arsenic nan area had been getting bombarded pinch arsenic galore arsenic 6,000-8,000 separator crossers a week successful nan past fewer months.

'Unfortunately, I'm not surprised,' San Diego County Commissioner Jim Desmond told past month.

'Texas is clamping down and different areas are clamping down. Here successful California, they're allowed to locomotion successful unimpeded. They're going to travel nan way of slightest resistance, and nan slightest guidance is successful California.'

A $13 cardinal business of trafficking humans from Mexico into nan US has been described arsenic whac-a-mole by separator experts- wherever 1 area flares up arsenic others quiet down.

Migrants who are arrested successful San Diego assemblage are vetted by US Border Patrol are being released onto nan streets. 

The region migrant shelter closed a fewer months back, aft section leaders decided they did not want to nan $18 cardinal dollars a twelvemonth to support moving it.

However, nan region has been promised $20 cardinal by nan Biden to unfastened up a shelter successful nan coming weeks. 

'It was costing us, astatine that constituent successful time, astir $1.5 cardinal a period to fundamentally beryllium their recreation agent. Border Patrol was their Uber, bringing them to those driblet disconnected areas, and past we were their recreation agent,' Desmond quipped.

Without nan section shelter, migrants are either being fto loose astatine a transit position aliases astatine nan airdrome by nan feds. 

Migrants person been known to walk arsenic galore arsenic 5 days crashing astatine nan airdrome while they hold for a formation retired of town, Desmond added.

Like different separator communities crossed nan country, San Diego's airdrome does not adhd other flights simply because there's a spike successful migrant crossings.

Often times, location aren't disposable spot to alert retired aliases migrants, pinch constricted means, hold a time aliases 2 until summons prices driblet and they tin spend to recreation to their last destination. 

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