Shock new details emerge on how cops tracked down Mexican trio allegedly at centre of carjacking that killed Aussie brothers Jake and Callum Robinson

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  • Jack Carter Rhoad, Callum and Jake Robinson murdered successful Mexico
  • Police discovered telephone belonging to Rhoad during a regular stop
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By Olivia Day For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 00:58 EDT, 27 May 2024 | Updated: 00:59 EDT, 27 May 2024

The woman of a man accused of murdering 3 visitors successful Mexico is alleged to person been recovered pinch meth and 1 of nan men's phones aft a regular stop. 

The remains of Perth brothers Callum, 33, and Jake Robinson, 30, and their friend Jack Carter Rhoad, 30, were recovered dumped successful a 45metre-deep good successful nan Mexican state of Baja California earlier this month. 

Mexican authorities allege nan perpetrators saw nan trio's Chevrolet Colorado and wanted to bargain nan tyres, pinch nan victims murdered erstwhile they resisted. 

Three Mexican nationals person been arrested; nan alleged ringleader Jesús Gerardo, his relative Cristian Alejandro and Gerardo's 23-year-old woman Ari Gisel. 

Gisel was stopped by cops connected a regular patrol successful Ensenada connected May 1, erstwhile when she allegedly threw a mini container containing 100g of meth connected nan crushed and tried to tally away, Telediario reported. 

Perth brothers Callum (left) and Jake (right) are pictured

Jack Carter Rhoad, from nan US, joined nan Perth brothers connected nan surfing vacation successful Mexico

Ari Gisel (pictured) was arrested pursuing a regular patrol connected May 1

An iPhone belonging to Mr Rhoad was besides allegedly recovered pursuing an inspection of nan vehicle. 

It was antecedently reported Gisel had travel to nan attraction of authorities aft she turned connected Mr Rhoad's telephone which past pinged a section mobile tower.

A Baja California interrogator said they had contacted US authorities successful San Diego to get the victims' telephone numbers. 

'We tracked down nan devices, until 1 of them was turned connected and we had a location,' they told The Daily Beast. 

'That's erstwhile we recovered this female who was successful possession of nan American's cellphone.' 

Gisel antecedently told a court Gerardo had admitted to sidesplitting nan 3 men aft he returned location from nan campsite wherever they were past seen live connected April 27. 

The tribunal heard Gerardo told Gisel: 'I fundamentally f***** up 3 gringos'. 

Gisel asked what he meant by that, pinch Gerardo telling her: 'I killed them'. 

She claimed he past showed her his vehicle, which was sporting tyres that had been allegedly stolen from nan achromatic Chevrolet Colorado nan trio had been driving.  

The Attorney Generals Office is now tasked pinch proving Gisel was successful possession of methamphetamine pinch nan volition of trading nan forbidden drug.

Gerardo will stay successful custody until his adjacent proceeding successful November. 

Mexican authorities allegedly discovered an iPhone belonging to Mr Rhoad and 100g of methamphetamine successful Gisel's conveyance during a patrol connected May 1

The remains were recovered successful a good (pictured) much than 15 metres (49ft) heavy adjacent to a cliff astatine Punta San José successful Santo Tomás, successful nan municipality of Ensenada

Baja California investigators antecedently said nan trio were killed aft their pickup motortruck was group upon by thieves.  

'The visitors refused and tried to conflict back, but nan robbers were armed,' they said.

'When nan criminals took retired their guns nan 3 [tourists] tried to de-escalate things, but it was excessively late, they hit them and past changeable them successful nan head.'

The brother's parents Martin and Debra Robinson travelled to nan region and said from San Diego wherever they shared their heartbreak complete their sons' deaths.

'It is pinch dense hearts that we stock nan news that Callum and Jake person been murdered,' Ms Robinson said.

'Our hearts are surgery and nan world has go a darker spot for us.

'We besides mourn nan nonaccomplishment of Carter Rhoad, a adjacent friend.

'They were young men enjoying their passion of surfing together.

'Now it's clip to bring them location to family and friends - and nan water waves successful Australia. Please unrecorded bigger, radiance brighter and emotion harder successful their memory.' 

Baja California has been plagued by cartel unit successful caller months.

In 2015, 2 Australian surfers, Adam Coleman and Dean Lucas, were killed successful occidental Sinaloa state, crossed nan Gulf of California from nan Baja peninsula. 

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