Screaming spirits, unexplained voices and ghosts in the kitchen: Inside New Mexico's haunted saloon

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By Daily Mail Reporter

Published: 06:55 EDT, 3 November 2012 | Updated: 11:04 EDT, 3 November 2012

You mightiness expect to find spirits successful a barroom - but they're usually nan benignant that pour.

Patrons of nan Legal Tender successful Lamy, New Mexico, person agelong reported immoderate benignant of intangible 'presence' successful nan bar, which stands connected nan tract of an aged saloon making love backmost to 1881, but things reached a spooky highest 1 nighttime earlier this month.

Cindy Lu Jednak and Phillip Heard were sitting pinch their spouses astatine a array erstwhile they heard nan unmistakeable sound of a woman's screams coming from nan edifice kitchen.
They checked nan room but it was deserted, pinch nan backmost doorway locked.

The Legal Tender bar

Spooky Saloon: Mysterious screams successful nan nighttime person been heard successful nan historical Legal Tender bar.

'I don't judge successful ghosts,' said Heard, who useful astatine nan Legal Tender. 'There has to beryllium an mentation for what that was. When I woody pinch thing for illustration this, I want to cognize nan facts.'

Two different members of nan bar's staff, Dachin Frances and Avery Young opportunity that there's overmuch much to nan communicative than that 1 spine-chilling scream;

'Even erstwhile you are unsocial successful a room here',says Avery, 'you ne'er consciousness alone.'

And Frances said astatine nan extremity of 1 displacement she was preparing to fastener up erstwhile she and co-workers heard pots and pans rattling successful nan darkened kitchen. Discretion proving nan amended portion of valour, they slammed nan door, locked it and left.

Many unit garbage to enactment successful nan associated past closing time.

the poker room astatine nan Legal Tender

Ghost of a chance: Christine Mackenzie, from Galisteo, left, Lewis Hawkins, from San Marcos, centre, and Mike McMillan, from Santa Fe, play a information of faro astatine nan poker room astatine nan Legal Tender

There's excessively overmuch grounds of a sepulchural beingness to constitute nan communicative disconnected to a substance of imagination and liquor,

Both unit and patrons person reported unexplained voices and what sounds for illustration a dense object  being dragged crossed nan level of nan main eating room. A chandelier hanging supra that room has much than erstwhile started swinging wildly without nan slightest activity of of wind.

To those that cognize nan Legal Tender, it makes consciousness that immoderate of its long-dead customers are still present.

A business first opened connected nan tract of nan Legal Tender successful nan early 1880s, catering to waste and acquisition brought successful by nan newly-built Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway spur line. Somewhere on nan way, nan aged saloon became known arsenic nan Pink Garter.

In nan precocious 1960s, it was renamed nan Legal Tender nether nan ownership of R.O. Anderson. 'Wichita Lineman' vocalist Glenn Campbell played location successful his early days.

The room astatine nan Legal Tender successful Lamy, N.M

Rattle Those Pots And Pans: The room has been astatine nan centre of respective of nan ghostly happenings

The building was placed connected nan National Register of Historic Places successful 1984. Over nan years, a number of historical figures person passed done nan Lamy area, including Teddy Roosevelt and Billy nan Kid — nan second was reportedly connected a train that stopped successful Lamy connected nan measurement to doing immoderate jailhouse clip successful Santa Fe.
More obscure figures besides recovered their measurement done nan village, and possibly ne'er rather near — nan frontier bystander reportedly changeable by a stray slug during a poker crippled gone sour and nan female train rider who supposedly died of appendicitis successful 1 of nan saloon's backmost rooms, for instance.

Their spirits — known arsenic nan Man successful Black and nan Lady successful White — person agelong been rumored to roam nan Legal Tender.

The tone of a young woman is besides connected to nan site, though nary 1 has ever rather worked retired her backmost story.

But Cindy precocious met a female successful her 90s who lived successful Lamy successful nan 1920s and recalls a female playmate from that play who died of tapeworm astatine property 7 aliases 8. The 2 girls would often sojourn nan shop that erstwhile stood connected nan tract of nan Legal Tender. Cindy besides tells anecdotes of room workers emotion nan invisible flick of a digit successful their sides and a beingness tightening their apron strings.

Cindy Lu, head of nan Legal Tender

Cindy Lu isn't acrophobic of nan Legal tender's ghosts - but she still keeps a torch handy, conscionable successful case.

Cindy Lu's Learning Mind nonprofit statement has joined pinch nan Lamy Railroad and History Museum to revitalize nan Legal Tender. She and different unpaid workers reopened nan edifice past spring. It serves nutrient Thursday done Sunday, positive astir holidays. Staff often beryllium astir for a half-hour aliases truthful aft closing to talk astir activity — and switch shade stories .

Parapsychologist Joni Alm has conducted astir 5 investigations successful nan Legal Tender complete nan past six months, utilizing a high-tech audio recorder and a 'ghost-meter', a instrumentality that registers changes successful electromagnetic fields and mightiness frankincense uncover paranormal energy.

That ghost-meter blinks reddish erstwhile it encounters inexplicable energy, and it conscionable astir went crazy during a caller late-night circuit of nan room area, astir nan aforesaid clip that a New Mexican photographer's flashlight went dead. The batteries were new. The flashlight worked conscionable good erstwhile he near nan restaurant.

A four-hour shade hunt, 1 caller October evening,yielded a chorus of unexplained noises: though Cindy does admit that nan crystal instrumentality sometimes makes a sound that sounds for illustration a distant gunshot.

Alm's ghost-meter lit up erstwhile Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata. was played -  ''If thing is going to bring a shade out, it's that ,' Heard said.

On her audio recorder, Alm captured unusual sounds, including what look to beryllium ghostly whispering and, astatine 1 point, what seemed to beryllium nan the sound of a man saying 'Go away.'

'I consciousness powerfully that location are respective entities successful there, astatine slightest three' She says.

She has felt that child's tone successful her beingness astatine slightest twice, she said. She feels a antheral energy, too. 'There is nary fearfulness astatine all. I really consciousness a consciousness of impatience from nan Man successful Black spirit, for illustration he wants his abstraction back,' she said pinch a laugh.

Cindy is doubtful that nan Lady successful White aliases nan Man successful Black are still around. She said that various 'cleansings' person occurred wrong nan building complete nan past mates of decades successful an effort to exorcise nan spirits, and possibly these 2 old-timers person faded away.

But Cindy's definite that a feisty female power clings to nan site. She has logic to judge it is simply a much modern spirit, that of a young female who went missing successful nan area not truthful agelong ago.

Cindy is loath to to picture what happens retired astatine nan Legal Tender arsenic a haunting. 'It's conscionable a presence, an energy, of personification aliases thing that is here,' she said. 'It's an power from a different time; from a different dimension, even.'
And she said she's s ne'er acrophobic — not moreover erstwhile she hears unexplained whispering aliases her sanction being called by others erstwhile she is unsocial successful nan building.

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