Saskatoon anonymous food bank donation comes with a call to action for the community

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An anonymous philanthropist is calling connected nan Saskatoon organization to thief money a caller location for nan nutrient bank.

The Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre received $50,000 from nan donor, who called for nan organization to lucifer that aid by nan extremity of June.

“This matching aid is simply a singular opportunity. Every dollar raised will bring america person to our extremity and fortify our expertise to support those successful our organization who request it most,” said Laurie O’Connor, executive head for nan nutrient bank.

 'Saskatchewan processing affordable, macromolecule rich, crockery operation for nutrient banks'

1:14 Saskatchewan processing affordable, macromolecule rich, crockery operation for nutrient banks

The statement said its existent location astatine 202 Ave. C S. is straining nether nan weight of accrued usage and it’s faced logistical challenges from having to run retired of respective locations.

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The number of group accessing nutrient banks successful Saskatchewan has been increasing, pinch nan Saskatoon Food Bank saying successful its 2023 yearly study that 41 per cent of group accessing its services successful Saskatoon are children.

Food Bank Canada measures nutrient insecurity successful nan state each March. The 2023 results showed 24.3 per cent much group accessing emergency nutrient hampers successful Saskatoon.

O’Connor said nan caller location they are moving into will beryllium farther westbound into nan Pleasant Hill neighbourhood.

“Last period we collapsed a grounds present astatine nan nutrient slope and learning centre, and tipped nan scales complete 25,000 group served. That’s conscionable measurement excessively galore group needing to trust connected nan services astatine nan nutrient bank.”

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 Medic Minute'

4:04 Stuff nan autobus for nan nutrient bank: Medic Minute

She said this stems from nan cost of living and that galore group are presently struggling pinch accrued costs.

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“We want to beryllium present to thief folks.”

She said Saskatchewan besides faces what she called a “stubborn problem pinch kid poverty.”

“Food slope numbers person been very overmuch nan aforesaid for nan percent of kids utilizing our services.”

O’Connor said families are struggling and coming up to nan summertime months they didn’t want to spot group struggling pinch these accrued costs.

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