Recording of teen’s last moments following deadly gang crossfire played at B.C. trial

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A B.C. murder proceedings heard audio Tuesday of an guiltless 15-year-old boy being fatally shot, and gut-wrenching grounds from his mother who witnessed it happen.

Alfred Wong was riding successful nan backmost spot of his parents’ car connected Broadway astatine Ontario Street successful Vancouver erstwhile he was struck by a stray slug successful what constabulary picture arsenic a pack shootout successful January 2018.

 'Brother of 15 twelvemonth aged guiltless bystander gives affectional statement'

1:53 Brother of 15 twelvemonth aged guiltless bystander gives affectional statement

Kane Carter has pleaded not blameworthy to 2 counts of second-degree execution successful nan incident, which besides near Kevin Whiteside, 23, dead, and nan aggravated battle of different bystander who was grazed by a bullet.

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On Tuesday, nan Crown played audio from nan dash camera successful Wong’s family car that captured nan sound of gunshots and nan teen screaming successful pain.

The boy’s mother, Chelly Wong, told nan tribunal nan family had travel from Coquitlam to sojourn their older boy who was studying astatine UBC nan time of nan shooting.

They were connected their measurement location on East Broadway astir 9:30 p.m. erstwhile she heard what she thought were firecrackers — thing that seemed retired of spot successful January.

“The adjacent point is we heard Alfred saying, ‘Ow, ow, ow!'” she testified.

“I turned to look astatine him. He was successful pain. You could show from his eyes. He collapsed.”

Chelly described nan family’s panic arsenic they struggled to fig retired what was incorrect pinch nan boy, and really Alfred stopped responding arsenic they called 911.

Prosecutors person told nan Jury Alfred was deed by a azygous bullet, which struck respective awesome soul organs and caused him to suffer consciousness almost immediately.

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He died 2 days later successful hospital.

 'Suspect charged successful 2018 Vancouver shooting that killed guiltless teen'

1:54 Suspect charged successful 2018 Vancouver shooting that killed guiltless teen

The tribunal has heard that Whiteside was himself successful Vancouver pinch nan purpose of sidesplitting different pack rival, Matthew Navas-Rivas, erstwhile he was struck by 2 bullets, 1 successful nan limb and 1 successful nan head.

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To unafraid a conviction, nan Crown will request to beryllium nan personality of nan shooter. Prosecutors person conceded that nan lawsuit is almost wholly circumstantial.

No 1 saw aliases recorded who pulled nan trigger, forensics were incapable to usage nan recovered slug fragments and nary execution limb was recovered. The Crown has said it will not effort and beryllium a motive successful nan killing.

The trial, which is scheduled to tally until November, is expected to perceive from up to 50 witnesses.

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