Rebel Wilson and Fiancee Ramona Agruma’s Family Drama Delays Their Wedding: ‘The Situation Is So Sad’

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Prenuptial disagreement! Rebel Wilson and her fiancée, Ramona Agruma, are 16 months into their engagement, but they’ve pushed nan wedding to 2025.

Turns out, nan mates is dealing pinch immoderate awesome family play — Ramona’s blimpish begetter doesn’t o.k. of nan same-sex union.

“The business is truthful sad for Rebel — Ramona’s dada won’t moreover talk to her,” a root exclusively tells Life & Style. “And Rebel hates to spot Ramona distressed.”

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The Pitch Perfect actress, 44, and nan manner designer, 40, are hoping nan extended timeline will create an opportunity to heal nan family rift.

The couple, who stock 19-month-old girl Royce, “want some of their families astatine nan ceremonial and they want it to beryllium a happy juncture for everyone,” says nan source.

Adds nan insider, “Ramona’s mom wasn’t precisely accepting of them arsenic a mates either, but she’s done a turnaround, truthful they’re optimistic that successful clip things will alteration for her dad.”

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