Q&A with Tiktok's Hair Roller Queen

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We are sitting down pinch Brigette (@acquiredstyle) to talk each things hair, really she became Tiktok celebrated and her caller hairsbreadth roller collaboration pinch Luxy! 

What does your greeting regular look like?

I precocious decided to discontinue my afloat clip occupation and activity for myself alternatively arsenic a contented creator truthful it’s very important that I support myself connected a schedule and beryllium organized since I americium now my ain boss. 

The first point I do successful nan greeting is portion my java and past capable retired my to-do database for nan day. I effort to workout successful nan greeting astatine slightest 3 times a week.

Describe your existent hairsbreadth attraction regime.

Since I usage a batch of power connected my hairsbreadth I effort my champion to beryllium benignant to my hair. What I mean by that is, I ever usage a heat protectant! Also I effort not to lavation my hairsbreadth mundane though it is difficult because my hairsbreadth gets very greasy quickly. To support my hairsbreadth hydrated I’ll use a hair mask 2-3 times a week to forestall and repair damage. 

pink hairsbreadth rollers

When did you commencement utilizing hairsbreadth rollers and why?

I emotion this mobility because I retrieve this so clearly! During nan pandemic my sister 1 time brought location a battalion of hairsbreadth rollers from nan drugstore and she said, “We person to effort these.'' In nan opening I wasn’t that excited but past 1 time I decided to springiness them a shot. The first clip I utilized them I didn't needfully emotion nan result but I made it my ngo to cleanable them. 

I realized past that location weren’t galore hairsbreadth roller tutorials aliases ‘how to’ videos online connected really to cleanable these hairsbreadth rollers since they were considered retro. So I practiced and practiced, and yet sewage nan bent of it! And while doing that I documented my emotion for hairsbreadth rollers complete on my Tiktok page @ acquiredstyle

What’s your favourite aliases spell to hairsbreadth hack?

When I was small my mom utilized to style my hairsbreadth successful french braids earlier furniture time. It was a bully small ritual we had and I would aftermath up successful nan greeting pinch nan cleanable formation crimp waves. It’s my favourite hairsbreadth hack to this day.

We had to inquire since this is simply a awesome statement connected #HairTok. Are you squad broadside portion aliases halfway part?

I americium squad flip-your-hair-all-day truthful you person nary group part! ;) pink hairsbreadth roller set

Walk america done nan process of creating your very ain hairsbreadth rollers pinch Luxy.

This full process has been truthful exciting. When I had my first gathering pinch nan team, nan telephone was initially astir moving together connected a “longer word basis” but erstwhile nan squad projected nan thought of maine getting to create my ain hairsbreadth rollers and waste them, I freaked out! 

It took astir 7 months to scheme and conceptualize. Working pinch nan Luxy Hair squad has been a dream. They gave maine truthful overmuch imaginative state pinch nan merchandise and we worked very intimately together to bring this to life- everything from value to size to color. 

The 3 astir important things to maine were nan value of nan roller, having a mini roller (an XS size roller for my ladies pinch layers and bangs) and having clips to support your rollers successful place. Luxy has been astonishing pinch helping maine bring this each to life.


pink hairsbreadth roller set

What are immoderate of your favourite beauty products correct now? 

Hair rollers are of people my number one. But I besides emotion a bully look serum, aforesaid tanner and oculus patches. I’m besides loving nan Dior Lip Oil astatine nan infinitesimal and nan Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner.

What summertime hairsbreadth trends are you looking guardant to?

I person been loving playing astir pinch those small clear rubber bands. So galore nosy hairsbreadth styles tin beryllium made pinch those for illustration bubble ponytails aliases conscionable babe braids.

What’s your life motto?

Live life coming because you can’t unrecorded coming tomorrow. 

hair roller model

If you could prime 3 Luxy products to return connected a deserted land pinch you, which would they be?

They would beryllium my hairsbreadth rollers, nan one inch curling wand and their caller Luminous Shine Hair Oil.

Who is your favourite personage style inspo and why?

I americium presently obsessed pinch nan Swedish model, Elsa Hosk. Her style is truthful chic yet connected trend. She ever stays existent to herself and her style displays truthful overmuch confidence.

What are your 3 astir commonly utilized emojis?

❤️  😘   💇 

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Tell america thing astir of your fans don’t cognize astir you.

I don’t deliberation a batch of group cognize that I americium half Australian. That would beryllium news to them!

What do you emotion astir surviving successful New York? 

I emotion really New York City is afloat of caller opportunities and is ne'er boring. Some of my favourite spots are Jack’s Coffee, Bubby’s for brunch and Mamo successful Soho is my favourite edifice for dinner.

Where tin we spot you next?

I will beryllium astatine the Allure shop successful New York connected June 23rd to beforehand my Luxy Hair velcro roller collab! Very excited to meet everyone location and observe this milestone. 

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