Province seizes animals from Manitoba horse rescue, sanctuary

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On Tuesday, RCMP cruisers, and equine trailers pinch nan province’s Chief Veterinary Officer’s (CVO) agency could beryllium seen loading up horses astatine a spot adjacent Teulon, Man.

The state confirmed its engagement successful nan animal seizures astatine Barefoot Ranch: Horse Rescue and Sanctuary.

Its president and founder, Sherri Anderson, said officials would beryllium taking distant each nan animals successful her attraction — isolated from for 2 cats and 2 dogs.

That number rounds retired to astir 160, she said, including 52 horses.

She told Global News she was notified astir nan seizure conscionable hours before.

“There wasn’t thing I could do astir it because they went to a judge connected June 7 and put down a bunch of archiving that I’ve ne'er seen, and they put that archiving successful beforehand of them. The judge signed disconnected and gave them authority to prehend each nan animals here,” she said.

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Anderson said she has archiving showing she’s taken nan due steps to attraction for nan animals astatine nan ranch.

“I tin beryllium to you nan bills that were brought successful each six days: The magnitude of for illustration provender I bought from Master Feeds, nan provender that I’ve gotten from my…hay guy,” she said. “I tin beryllium to you each nan provender that I’ve fixed them.”

She said she has hired a lawyer to locomotion done nan appeals process.

Kayla Wheeler said she adopted a equine from Barefoot Ranch successful August 2023, and soon aft had concerns astir nan animal’s health.

“After 2 short rides, I realized thing was incredibly incorrect pinch this horse. I realized that this equine really stayed astatine Barefoot for astir a twelvemonth and her hooves were near neglected for six months,” she said.

“About a period aft I sewage her, (veterinarians) diagnosed her pinch a people 3 retired of 5 lameness aft a elemental lameness exam,” she added.

Wheeler says she brought her concerns astir Barefoot Ranch to nan province’s CVO, and consulted pinch different individuals who said she was not unsocial successful her concerns.

“I started doing much investigation into this place, and from that research, a batch of group reached retired to maine pinch their ain stories — akin stories — and it conscionable sewage worse from there,” she said.

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Wheeler said she has seen horses emaciated connected nan property.

“They tried sending maine a equine named Sanchez,” she said. “Sanchez… was a 1 connected nan weight scale, truthful he was incredibly emaciated — underweight. I really conscionable recovered retired that his mother died, who was besides astatine nan Barefoot. He was successful deplorable condition,” she said.

Anderson said she disputes immoderate claims that nan animals successful her attraction person been mistreated.

“Nobody gets into rescue to, like, make money aliases starve animals aliases wounded them. That’s not nan case. We spell into indebtedness to make judge that they’re decently cared for,” she said.

In an emailed statement, a provincial spokesperson said nan animals person been removed from nan spot to guarantee their safety, and that “no further specifications connected this ongoing investigation tin beryllium provided astatine this time.”

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