Photographer aims to break Vancouver’s unfriendly rep through portraits of strangers

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Metro Vancouver has a spot of a estimation for being an unfriendly place, but 1 section photographer is trying to shatter that stereotype pinch a caller project: alien portraits.

It’s a spot of a tricky introduction, asking a random alien if they wouldn’t mind having their image taken.

It took Justin Veenema immoderate clip to activity up nan nervus for his caller project.

“I said you conscionable sewage to talk to 1 person. Try it erstwhile and if they opportunity no, hide nan full thing,” Veenema told Global’s This is BC.

“The very personification I approached her sanction is Jayden, she’s a model. I was truthful tense I almost passed out.”

Jayden was Justin Veenema’s first image subject. Justin Veenema

Inspired by nan relationship Humans of New York, Veenema has spent nan past respective months photographing random group astir Metro Vancouver.

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“I’m judge location are truthful galore unsocial group successful this metropolis who person a awesome communicative to share,” Veenema explained. “I wonderment If I could usage my skills arsenic a photographer to propulsion that retired of them.”

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It’s been a unsocial societal research successful nan large city.

One of Justin Veenema’s image subjects, Sean. Justin Veenema

“Vancouver’s known for being this cold, unfriendly location,” said Veenema.

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He’s had immoderate refusals on nan measurement but recovered retired quickly that nan immense mostly of group are consenting to extremity and airs for a fewer moments.

“The group that are nan astir self-conscious, that opportunity ‘I’m not photogenic,’ they are nan astir photogenic,” said Veenema.

One of Justin Veenema’s image subjects, Diana. Justin Veenema

Breaking nan crystal pinch friends chats is thing he ever saw his dada do.

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“I utilized to beryllium embarrassed arsenic a kid aliases arsenic a teen watching him talk to strangers, but I deliberation that’s really wherever I sewage nan skills from,” he said.

The consequence has turned Stranger Portraits into a bigger occurrence than he could person imagined.

“It was conscionable expected to beryllium a play experiment,” Veenema said.

“I made nan determination to do this for 1 year, 365 portraits, and aft that I’ll re-visit nan task to spot really it’s going. But It’s wholly changed my cognition of nan city.”

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