Passengers on Qatar Airways flight to Dublin hit by extreme turbulence describe how their clothes were ripped and staff were thrown in the air, with 12 injured

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Passengers who knowledgeable sadistic turbulence connected a Qatar Airways formation from Doha to Dublin yesterday person told of nan chaos connected committee arsenic nan level abruptly plummeted hundreds of feet without warning. 

Twelve group were wounded successful nan incident, 8 of whom were taken to infirmary upon landing successful Dublin pinch shocked travellers describing really formation attendants were tossed into nan aerial and deed nan ceiling of nan aircraft.  

'There was panic, nan look of panic everywhere,' Emma Rose Power said. 

'Some of nan formation attendants had scratches to their face, crystal to their face... 1 woman had a sling connected her arm.'

'It was conscionable atrocious... ne'er again,' 1 traveller named Cathal told RTE, showing nan Irish broadcaster really his shorts had someway ripped isolated arsenic he was thrown astir nan cabin.  

And different rider named Eileen said she had ne'er had a worse acquisition onboard a flight, explaining really her partner Tony was forced to clasp her down to extremity her from being launched retired of her chair arsenic she had been sleeping without a seatbelt.

'It was truthful scary... I americium not successful a hurry to get backmost connected a level I tin show you,' she added, holding backmost tears.

It comes conscionable days aft a 73-year-old British man died and much than 100 group were injured erstwhile a Singapore Airlines formation encountered awesome turbulence flying complete Myanmar past week. 

'There was panic, nan look of panic everywhere,' Emma Rose Power said. 'Some of nan formation attendants had scratches to their face, crystal to their face... 1 woman had a sling connected her arm'

Eileen said she had ne'er had a worse acquisition onboard a flight, explaining really her partner Tony was forced to clasp her down to extremity her being launched retired of her chair arsenic she had been sleeping without a seatbelt.

One traveller named Cathal showed nan Irish broadcaster RTE really his shorts had someway ripped isolated arsenic he was thrown astir nan cabin

“It was really scary”.
Passengers connected a formation from Qatar to Ireland picture nan infinitesimal they knowledgeable turbulence while airborne complete Turkey during nan nutrient and drinks service. Six passengers and six compartment unit were injured during nan turbulence |

— RTÉ News (@rtenews) May 26, 2024

Firefighters and a occurrence motor extracurricular nan a level astatine Dublin airdrome which knowledgeable turbulence complete Turkey resulting successful 12 group being injured 

Ambulances gathering astir nan level which landed safely successful Dublin airdrome astatine astir 1pm. Eight passengers were taken to infirmary aft being checked complete by aesculapian staff

Dublin Airport announced that six passengers and six unit members were injured successful nan turbulence, which it said occurred arsenic formation QR17, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner operated by Qatar Airways, passed complete Iraq and into Turkish airspace. 

Eight group sustained injuries that required hospitalisation and they were shuttled to aesculapian centres successful Dublin by emergency services who were waiting connected nan tarmac to person nan victims. 

Several passengers told Irish broadcaster RTE really nan compartment was abruptly plunged into chaos arsenic it entered turbulence conscionable arsenic formation attendants were serving food.

Conor Buckley, who was travelling backmost from vacation successful Thailand, said: 'We felt nan level dip for astir 5 seconds and adjacent to america we saw nan formation attendant conscionable spell up successful nan aerial and travel consecutive backmost down.' 

Paul Mocc explained really group had deed nan tile during nan chaos and that refreshments had ended up scattered each complete nan cabin, but commended nan unit for continuing to activity contempt injuries. 

'You could spot group deed nan roof, nutrient and things everywhere... they were serving nutrient astatine nan clip truthful a batch of nan unit were injured, but they did a really bully occupation of continuing nan work contempt limping information pinch bandages and everything.'

Adam Dalton, a crippled developer, described nan infinitesimal of turbulence arsenic 'like a rollercoaster drop'. 

One man, who was connected his measurement backmost from Perth, Australia, said that nutrient and portion was scattered everyplace aft nan incident.

He told RTE: 'I had to drawback nan spot successful front, I had to put my seatbelt on.'

The flightpath taken by nan Qatar Airway plane. IT knowledgeable turbulence complete Turkey and 12 group were injured but person been attended by emergency crews astatine Dublin Airport

Dublin airdrome has said it is continuing to supply aesculapian assisstance to everyone connected board

Adam Dalton, a crippled developer was connected nan formation and described it arsenic 'a spot of a shock'

Tom took to Twitter/X to picture his acquisition saying that nan skipper was slow to explicate what was happening but nan aerial stewards were very helpful

The formation knowledgeable turbulence complete Turkey a spokesperson for nan usability of Dublin Airport said

In a statement, Dublin Airport said nan Qatar Airways formation landed safely arsenic scheduled soon earlier 1pm connected Sunday.

Emergency services, including ambulances, were seen connected nan crushed astir nan level aft it landed successful nan Irish capital. 

Passengers described nutrient flying astir and panic rippling done compartment but praised nan aerial stewards connected board. 

Kevin Cullinane, Deputy Director of Communications astatine daa, nan usability of Dublin Airport said: 'The Dublin Airport squad continues to supply afloat assistance connected nan crushed to passengers and hose crew.' 

In an updated connection astatine 3pm, Dublin Airport said each passengers were assessed for wounded earlier disembarking nan plane, and 8 were taken to hospital.

'Qatar Airways formation QR017 from Doha landed safely arsenic scheduled astatine Dublin Airport soon earlier 1300 connected Sunday,' they said.

'Upon landing, nan craft was met by emergency services, including airdrome constabulary and our occurrence and rescue department, owed to six passengers and six unit (12 total) connected committee reporting injuries aft nan craft knowledgeable turbulence while airborne complete Turkey.

'All passengers were assessed for wounded anterior to disembarking nan aircraft. Eight passengers were subsequently taken to hospital.' 

A spokesperson for Qatar Airways said: 'Qatar Airways tin corroborate that formation QR017 a Boeing B787-9 from Doha to Dublin has landed safely. A mini number of passengers and unit sustained insignificant injuries successful formation and are now receiving aesculapian attention. 

'The matter is now taxable to an soul investigation. The information and information of our passengers and unit are our apical priority.' 

The incident follows an moreover much devastating bout of turbulence that befell a Singapore Airlines formation from Heathrow to Singapore past week that resulted successful nan decease of a British man and saw immoderate 80 group hospitalised. 

Geoffrey Kitchen, a 73-year-old philharmonic theatre head from Gloucestershire, died from a suspected bosom attack, officials said. 

At slightest 1 personification died aft a Singapore Airlines (SIA) SQ321 formation from London Heathrow to Singapore sewage into terrible turbulence

The interior of Singapore Airline formation SG321 is pictured aft nan emergency landing

Geoffrey Kitchen, 73, ran nan Thornbury Musical Theatre Group successful Bristol

The 73-year-old died from a suspected bosom attack, Thai officials said. His woman is believed to beryllium successful hospital

Pictured: Passengers are seen successful nan compartment aft nan incident today, pinch belongings strewn crossed nan level and oxygen masks dangling from above

More than 70 group were injured successful nan incident, pinch Mr Kitchen's woman Linda placed successful intensive attraction aft she suffered superior spinal injuries.

The retired security worker and his woman were heading overseas connected a six-week vacation of a life to South East Asia, Indonesia and Australia erstwhile disaster struck astir 11 hours into their formation from Heathrow.

The craft deed an aerial pouch and plummeted an astonishing 6,000ft successful conscionable 3 minutes, pinch nan abrupt driblet unleashing mayhem onboard and forcing nan level to make an emergency landing astatine Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport.

Terrified passengers person described really they had small to nary informing to put their seatbelts connected earlier nan craft abruptly dropped while nan unit were serving breakfast, pinch 1 rider saying group were 'launched into nan ceiling' arsenic nan level fell done nan sky.

Of nan 211 passengers and 18 unit connected board, Thai authorities said 71 group had been sent to hospital, pinch 20 placed successful intensive care. 

More than 100 group sustained injuries that required aesculapian attention. 

The ICU patients included six Britons, six Malaysians, 3 Australians, 2 Singaporeans and 1 personification each from Hong Kong, New Zealand, and nan Philippines, infirmary authorities said.

Doctors performed emergency room connected 9 group successful nan hours aft nan craft landed connected May 21, pinch 5 much operations conducted nan pursuing day. 

One rider named arsenic Jerry, who was travelling to his son's wedding aboard nan ill-fated formation SQ321, told BBC: 'Suddenly nan level plunged... location was nary informing astatine all, and I ended up hitting my caput connected nan ceiling, and my woman did.

'Some mediocre group stepping astir ended up doing somersaults. It was perfectly terrible.'

A probe into nan incident is now underway, pinch officers from Singapore's Transport Safety Investigation Bureau deploying to Bangkok.

The US National Transportation Safety Board besides sent an accredited typical and 4 method advisors to support nan investigation because nan incident progressive a Boeing plane.

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