Ontario professor, acquitted of sex assault, loses job at McMaster University

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A  McMaster University professor successful Hamilton, Ont., acquitted of intersexual battle successful 2022, has mislaid his occupation pinch nan station secondary institution.

Scott Watter, who taught in nan psychology, neuroscience and behaviour (PNB) department, has been “removed” from nan university’s faculty, according to 2 McMaster executives.

The institution’s president David Farrar and committee chair Jane Allen successful a associated statement insisted that Watter “abused” his position arsenic a module personnel and that his behaviour and shape of behaviour involving aggregate students was a “breach of trust.”

Farrar and Allen explained nan board’s executive and governance committee decided connected dismissal aft receiving a recommendation from a three-member legislature committee determining “there was capable origin for his removal.”

“That committee recovered Dr. Watter’s behaviour to beryllium unethical, inappropriate and successful immoderate instances exploitative,” nan associated connection said.

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“In engaging successful intersexual relations pinch a number of students, 1 of whom was successful a susceptible position and relying connected him for support, nan Hearing Committee recovered that Dr. Watter abused nan responsibilities and authority of his position arsenic a module member.”

Watter was charged by Hamilton constabulary successful June 2020 aft a female came guardant pinch accusations of intersexual battle and intersexual battle causing bodily harm.

The assemblage would past reveal its ain probe a period later aft receiving much complaints and consequent suspension of respective module members, including Watter.

Farrar would opportunity nan soul investigation would activity to “identify immoderate imaginable systemic aliases taste issues” wrong nan PNB department.

Watter, then-46-years-old, appeared successful beforehand of a justness successful August 2021 and registered a not-guilty plea.

The accuser, a erstwhile student ne'er identified owed to a publication ban, took nan guidelines successful nan 2022 judge-only proceedings and insisted she was many times assaulted without consent complete respective months successful 2017.

In December 2022, Justice Amanda Camara acquitted Watter saying nan Crown grounded to beryllium that he misused his position to seduce nan student’s consent.

She besides rejected nan accuser’s grounds saying inconsistencies successful her communicative ne'er proved location wasn’t consent to intersexual activity.

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McMaster’s executive and governance committee revealed that Watters did entity to “the process and procedures” of their “removal proceedings” successful mid-May.

“The attack taken by nan Hearing Committee was not procedurally fair, and resulted successful a flawed conclusion based connected a proceeding that lacked nan instauration of capable particulars,” assembly for Watters said successful a complaint.

The proceeding committee dismissed nan submission insisting location was nary impervious of immoderate “procedural error.”

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