Ontario Place court challenge quashed, clearing way for redevelopment to proceed

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A tribunal has thrown retired a ineligible situation to nan Ford government’s Ontario Place redevelopment plans, concluding it is “plain and obvious” that it has nary chance of succeeding successful nan look of a caller provincial law.

A determination released by Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice connected Tuesday quashed an effort by nan defense group Ontario Place for All to unit nan state to undertake elaborate biology studies earlier building a spa, performance venue and subject centre connected Toronto’s waterfront.

Ending nan ineligible tribunal situation removed 1 of nan last barriers for nan authorities to recognize and statesman building its arguable imagination to redevelop Ontario Place.

The province’s plans for Ontario Place centre astir a backstage spa and waterpark operated by an Austrian company, Therme. Live Nation will besides redevelop its Budweiser Stage euphony venue, while nan Ontario Science Centre is group to beryllium relocated to nan site.

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In its decision, a sheet of 3 judges recovered nan grassroots situation had nary chance of succeeding because of a rule introduced by nan authorities astatine nan extremity of 2023 to exclude Ontario Place from biology studies.

The Ford authorities introduced nan Rebuilding Ontario Place Act successful December 2023, a week aft Ontario Place for All revenge its ineligible situation to nan project. The rule excluded redevelopment activity from nan Environmental Assessment Act and handed zoning powers to Infrastructure Minister Kinga Surma.

 Ford government'

1:15 Ontario Place will not beryllium turned into a casino: Ford government

After tabling nan caller law, nan authorities past brought a mobility to quash nan group’s challenge.

“The mobility for nan tribunal is whether it is plain and evident nan exertion cannot win successful nan look of ROPA,” nan determination said.

“I reason it is plain and evident nan exertion cannot succeed. I besides find that nan mobility of whether to rumor a declaration is moot and that nan tribunal should not workout its discretion to determine it.”

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Norm Di Pasquale, co-chair of Ontario Place for All, said he was disappointment nan authorities had tabled authorities to person nan grassroots situation thrown out.

“We are disappointed, concerned, and successful nan process of reviewing nan determination to determine connected adjacent steps,” he said successful a statement.

“I’m disappointed that nan Rebuilding Ontario Place Act, which was brought to nan legislature seemingly successful consequence to our ineligible action, was utilized arsenic nan ground to quash our action. This measure which intends to portion each authorities and protections from Ontario Place sets a unspeakable precedent for nan early of Ontario’s Public Institutions.”

 'Auditor wide to probe Ontario Place redevelopment'

1:52 Auditor wide to probe Ontario Place redevelopment

Ontario NDP MPP Chris Glover said “the conflict for Ontario Place” was “not complete yet. ”

Global News contacted nan Ministry of Infrastructure for remark but did not person a consequence successful clip for publication.

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With nan ineligible situation seemingly over, nan authorities is free to push up pinch its arguable development.

In May, Infrastructure Ontario issued a petition for qualifications arsenic it looks to prime a institution aliases consortium to build a caller Ontario Science Centre astatine nan site.

The province’s auditor wide is besides successful nan process of reviewing and investigating nan Ontario Place redevelopment project.

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