Number of Quebec homes in flood zones set to triple when new maps released

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The Quebec authorities estimates nan number of homes located successful flood zones could triple successful nan state erstwhile caller flood maps are released.

The province’s situation curate discussed nan figures coming arsenic he announced a nationalist consultation connected a connection to modernize flood guidance rules.

Under nan caller framework, nan number of residences located successful flood zones would jump from 22,000 to 77,000, location to astir 2 per cent of nan province’s population.

The maps would besides alteration nan measurement flood consequence is identified, from a strategy based connected probability linked to years to 1 that designates consequence arsenic low, moderate, precocious and very high.

Nothing successful nan rules will unit a personification who lives adjacent nan h2o to relocate, but nan various levels of consequence impact caller rules and restrictions astir nan building and renewal of homes.

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The state says nan caller rules are basal owed to ambiance change, and were put together aft awesome flooding successful 2017 and 2019 that caused an estimated much than $1 cardinal successful full damages.

“These caller maps, based connected nan astir caller technological knowledge, will return into relationship some nan wave of floods, their strength depending connected nan h2o extent reached, nan beingness of crystal jams, arsenic good arsenic nan impacts of ambiance change,” publication nan documents released by nan Environment department.

The projected rules see limiting homeowners successful very high-risk zones from building caller homes aliases rebuilding a destroyed one. They would still beryllium capable to renovate nan home, aliases modify it to make it much resistant to floods.

New building will mostly not beryllium allowed successful high-risk zones, pinch a fewer exceptions.

A number of mayors and groups representing municipalities expressed interest complete nan announcement connected Tuesday, noting that nan nationalist consultations are being held earlier nan maps are released.

“During nan consultation, nan first point citizens will inquire america is, ‘Am I successful this zone?’ And unfortunately, we don’t person a actual reply to springiness them,” said François Robillard, politician of Ste-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, northwest of Montreal.

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He said he was worried that citizens who were flooded successful 2019 would abruptly find themselves successful a area that would effect their expertise to rebuild.

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The politician of Pointe-Calumet, a municipality successful nan Laurentians, said she believes that almost her full municipality will beryllium considered a flood area erstwhile nan caller maps are released, erstwhile almost nary of it was before.

“We aftermath up 1 greeting for illustration that, pinch nan worth of our homes going down, owe uncertainty, security uncertainty,” Sonia Fontaine said, adding that nan nationalist consultation play is “another 90 days of uncertainty.”

Environment Minister Benoît Charette said Tuesday that not each nan caller maps are ready, but that 80 per cent of municipality communities are expected to person completed them by outpouring 2025.

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