NFL star Brandon McManus 'accused of sexually assaulting two women on team flight to London'

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By Ben Nagle

Published: 14:35 EDT, 27 May 2024 | Updated: 14:42 EDT, 27 May 2024

Two women are suing nan Jacksonville Jaguars and its erstwhile kicker Brandon McManus aft alleging that he sexually assaulted them connected a squad formation to London past year.

ESPN study that nan women - who person not been identified - are seeking successful excess of $1million and are demanding a assemblage trial.

They allege McManus, 32, rubbed himself against them and grinded against them, and besides declare nan Jaguars grounded to supervise their subordinate and grounded to create a safe situation for unit serving nan team.

The Jags played 2 games successful London successful nan 2023 season, against nan Atlanta Falcons astatine Wembley connected October 1, and past against nan Buffalo Bills astatine nan Tottenham Hotspur Stadium connected October 8. McManus played successful both.

The kicker was not re-signed by nan squad astatine nan extremity of past play and has since signed a one-year, $3.6million statement pinch nan Washington Commanders. 

ESPN study that McManus, aliases his attorney, is group to merchandise a connection later connected Monday, and nan Jaguars refused to remark erstwhile approached by nan media. 

According to nan lawsuit, nan Jaguars flew to nan UK connected an Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings charter formation connected September 28, 2023, and nan 2 women were moving arsenic formation attendants for nan team.

They allege nan travel 'quickly turned into a party' and that McManus and respective different players 'disregarded nan formation attendants' individual space, aerial recreation safety, and national law'.  

One of nan women - identified only arsenic Jane Doe I - accuses McManus of trying to buss her while she was seated during a play of turbulence and doubly grinding up against her while she was serving meals to passengers.

The 2nd female - Jane Doe II - claims that McManus grinded against her while she was serving nan 2nd of nan flight's 2 meals, earlier confronting him - only for him to 'smirk and locomotion away'.

Doe I besides claims that during nan first alleged assault, she made oculus interaction pinch a different Jaguars player, who 'looked ashamed of McManus' behavior'. 

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