Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Shopping for nan cleanable Mother’s Day gift for Mom aliases that typical motherly fig successful your life tin beryllium hard. With truthful galore options to take from and what sometimes feels for illustration a batch of pressure, it tin beryllium difficult to take nan cleanable gift. Our squad has cautiously put together a thoughtful database of gift ideas truthful that you tin springiness Mom a gift that says “thank you” this Mother’s Day. Whichever gift you choose, it’s important to retrieve nan astir typical gifts are astir nan thought down them and nan emotion you share. No matter what type of Mother you have; fashionista, sporty, techy we person nan cleanable options to make mom grin this Holiday!

Thinning Hair Extensions

Give nan gift of other fullness and measurement without nan fuss! ​​From market shop runs to schoolhouse drop-offs, they are designed to seamlessly blend into your routine, truthful your mom tin unrecorded each time to nan fullest without letting hairsbreadth nonaccomplishment measurement her down. These easy-comfort clip-in extensions are nan cleanable group for beginners and anyone who conscionable needs a small other volume. They travel successful 12” and 16” and are virtually undetectable! Because they person been designed for thin, good hairsbreadth types nan 150 g - 225 g sets make these extensions our astir comfortable! 

Thinning Hair Extensions


Essential Pearl Earrings by Mejuri

Spoil Mom this Mother’s Day pinch these dainty freshwater pearl earrings that won’t break nan bank! Made successful 14k coagulated gold, and cultured freshwater pearls, these driblet earrings are nan cleanable gift for immoderate coastal chic mom! 

Mejuri Pearl Earrings


Fitbit Luxe 

If you’re looking for a meaningful gift that tin thief your Mom enactment patient and progressive look nary further than nan fashionable and affordable Fitbit Luxe. With each nan wellness search essentials this stylish watch besides doubles arsenic jewelry for your mom to deterioration for each her plans! The Fitbit Luxe includes a slim set and watch look that tracks everything from regular steps, accent management, slumber patterns and truthful overmuch more. It's genuinely nan cleanable wellness & wellness gift! 

Fitbit Luxe


Out Of Office Tote Bag 

Get your mom nan cleanable recreation container for each her upcoming trips to aliases distant from nan agency (or kids!). Our Out of Office tote container is nan cleanable gift for nan mom connected nan go! Made from 100% polyester, our chic cream-colored tote container is cleanable and includes 1 wrong pouch and 2 puffer straps for other manus comfort. For other brownie points see a level summons inside!  

Luxy Hair Tote Bag


Velcro Hair Rollers 

Moms of nan 80s & 90s are pros astatine this style, but they apt do not person a caller group of Velcro Rollers to return their hairsbreadth from level to full! Not only whitethorn this beryllium a throwback for immoderate moms connected your database but it's judge to return them to nan early of hairstyling pinch our top-selling Velcro Roller set! Give nan Mom successful your life nan cleanable vegan Saffiano bag, pinch 18 Velcro Rollers, and 9 Creaseless Hair Clips! One of our favourite Luxy Hair products, these Velcro Rollers are nan cleanable gift for nan Fashionista mom successful your life. 

Velcro Hair Rollers


 NUFACE MINI+ Starter Kit

Going each retired this Mother’s Day? The NUFACE Mini starter kit mightiness beryllium nan cleanable gift for your Mom. This Mini recreation size starter kit includes a facial toning instrumentality to instantly rejuvenate your tegument utilizing gentle microcurrents to reside and contour from nan epidermis correct down to nan muscle. Your mom will beryllium glowing wrong retired for nan cleanable glazed tegument to support her emotion assured and youthful. 

NuFace Starter Kit


Seamless Hair Clip-In Extensions 

The cleanable gift for a mom who’s looking for magnitude and measurement without commitment! These clip-in hairsbreadth extensions blend beautifully pinch thinner to mean hairsbreadth types and travel successful 30+ shades. Whether your mom is looking to adhd a different look to her hairsbreadth for illustration Balayage without nan committedness aliases conscionable get other magnitude and measurement these extensions are nan cleanable solution. Not judge what her cleanable lucifer is? Try our virtual colour lucifer here

Seamless Extensions


What I Love astir Mom Fill-In Book 

If gifts aren’t your Mom’s thing, but cards and sentiments are, effort giving nan eventual “thank you” pinch this Fill-in book by Knock Knock. Fill successful each page pinch reasons why you emotion your mom pinch guided questions, sentences, and more. A existent keepsake for immoderate motherly fig successful your life! We urge pairing this book pinch your Mom’s favourite flowers. 

knock Knock Book


Sage Diffuser Aroma Om® Deluxe

For nan mindful Mom successful your life, a Sage diffuser is nan cleanable gift to bring bid and serenity to a engaged mom’s schedule! This diffuser includes nan largest and longest moving clip pinch heat-free and whisper-quiet technology. It besides is nan cleanable gift for nan interior designer person successful your life arsenic it's ace chic. Pair your favourite diffuser blend pinch this for nan cleanable relaxing Mother’s Day gift. 

Sage Diffuser


EBERJEY Jersey Knit Pajamas 

Breakfast successful furniture ne'er looked truthful good! If comfortableness is your mom’s point these jersey-knit Pajamas by Eberjey are nan cleanable lucifer for Mother’s Day Gift. Cozy and chic, these boyfriend-style soft pajamas travel successful a scope of colors, cleanable to customize to your mom’s favorite!  

Eberjey Pajamas


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