More than 200 goats released in Regina to graze for weed management

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Posted May 27, 2024 5:07 pm

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About 273 goats return to Wascana Hill from Elbow, Sask., for different twelvemonth to supply a earthy solution connected weed control. Global Regina

Over nan adjacent 10 days, 273 goats tin beryllium seen scattered crossed Regina’s Wascana Hill to feast connected invasive weeds.

For a 3rd twelvemonth successful a row, self-described goat shepherd Florentine Maathius of No Kidding Weed Management brings her four-legged friends to Regina from Elbow, Sask.

 'Goats chomping down weeds to reconstruct Saskatchewan grasslands'

3:39 Goats chomping down weeds to reconstruct Saskatchewan grasslands

“We tin already spot an summation of biodiversity,” she said. “Invasive type (is what) we’re trying to destruct and reduce.”

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Weed-eating goats connection a earthy solution to weed power arsenic they thin to eat invasive vegetation for illustration clover, alfalfa and thistle connected earthy prairie grasses. This has attracted funny locals who brought their small ones to Wascana Hill to observe.

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“I deliberation they are doing a bully job,” onlooker Spencer Runge said. “They cleaned it up beautiful good. They eat a batch of weeds. They sewage a batch of activity to do though.”

Maathius said nan goats will return for a 2nd graze successful July.

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