Montreal mayor, city officials unveil urban vision with focus on transit, housing

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Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante on pinch members of her executive committee and management unveiled an eager municipality imagination for nan metropolis by 2050.

The elaborate municipality scheme focuses connected building a decarbonized metropolis wrong a 4th of a period pinch a monolithic description of nan public transit system, much housing, much greenspace and environmentally-friendly buildings.

Three 100 kilometres’ worthy of caller nationalist transit systems are envisioned involving caller metro lines, a tramway network, much motorcycle lanes, much exo commuter train and Réseau definitive métropolitain (REM) stops arsenic good arsenic further autobus accelerated transit networks.

“I deliberation it is important to show what we’re tin of, what Montrealers are hoping for,” Plante said astatine a property conference.

The scheme envisions extending nan metro bluish statement further eastbound than Anjou (which is scheduled to beryllium vanished by 2030) arsenic good arsenic extending it westbound toward nan St-Pierre interchange pinch a extremity adjacent nan Loyola field of Concordia University.

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The orangish statement is besides envisioned to widen northbound to yet link to nan early Bois-Franc REM station.

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City officials person outlined 184 km of tramway lines stretching from Lachine successful nan West to Pointe-aux-Trembles successful nan eastbound extremity arsenic good arsenic connecting downtown pinch nan confederate and bluish parts of nan city.

There are besides calls to build much autobus accelerated transit systems, akin to nan existing 1 connected Pie-IX Boulevard, and expanding nan motorcycle lane network.

The municipality scheme besides includes building different 200,000 societal and affordable lodging units and much sponge parks to thief sorb h2o pursuing a awesome downpour to forestall flash flooding.

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But astir of nan archive focuses connected expanding nationalist transit, which metropolis officials estimate will dress up 70 per cent of each regular trips taken by 2050.

Montreal’s guidance leader called nan municipality scheme “fantasy” successful an email sent to Global News.

Public consultations connected nan 2050 maestro municipality scheme are scheduled for this summertime and fall.

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