Man who impersonated cop in Vancouver home invasion pleads guilty to manslaughter

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The 2nd man accused of impersonating a constabulary serviceman during a home invasion that near a Vancouver elder dormant 3 years agone has pleaded blameworthy to manslaughter.

Pascal Bouthillette was initially charged pinch first-degree execution successful nan Jan. 31, 2021, decease of 78-year-old Usha Singh. On Monday, nan first time of his trial, he pleaded blameworthy to nan lesser charge.

 '7 twelvemonth condemnation for man who dressed arsenic bull successful Vancouver location invasion'

2:09 7 twelvemonth condemnation for man who dressed arsenic bull successful Vancouver location invasion

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Kathleen Ker has scheduled sentencing submissions to statesman connected Friday.

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Ker besides ruled that a connection Bouthillette made to constabulary aft his apprehension was not admissible arsenic evidence.

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Sandy Parisian, who was besides progressive successful nan deadly attack, pleaded blameworthy to manslaughter past twelvemonth and was sentenced to 7 years successful situation successful March. He will service 4 much years aft in installments for clip served.

Security video and grounds presented successful tribunal showed really nan 2 men arrived astatine Singh’s location adjacent Queen Elizabeth Park conscionable earlier 6 a.m., wearing jackets base nan connection “police.”

 'Sentencing continues successful deadly Vancouver location invasion'

1:30 Sentencing continues successful deadly Vancouver location invasion

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Footage submitted by nan Crown successful Parisian’s lawsuit showed nan brace rummaging done her surviving room.

Singh’s neighbour, who had installed nan information camera, realized thing was incorrect astir 10 a.m. erstwhile he saw it had been repositioned and called police.

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Police recovered Singh unconscious and “severely beaten” connected her bath level soon aft 11 a.m., pinch a zip necktie astir 1 of her wrists according to nan sentencing judgement successful Parisian’s case.

She later died successful hospital.

Parisian was not actively progressive successful Singh’s beating, Justice Ker recovered successful his March sentencing, but didn’t effort to thief her either.

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