Lyme disease diagnosed in adult in Middlesex, health unit warns

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The Middlesex-London Health Unit is informing nan nationalist astir nan consequence of tick bites pursuing nan first quality lawsuit of Lyme disease confirmed this twelvemonth successful nan region — and overmuch earlier successful nan play than is typical.

The wellness portion says an big successful Middlesex County has been diagnosed pinch Lyme disease, which is caused by a germs transmitted done bites from black-legged ticks, aliases cervid ticks.

Typically, first symptoms see a rash successful nan style of a bull’s eye, headaches, fever aliases chills, fatigue and musculus and associated pain. Without treatment, it tin effect people’s joints, bosom and tense strategy and origin semipermanent wellness issues.

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“This lawsuit is significant, successful part, because it was diagnosed overmuch earlier successful nan twelvemonth than we typically spot Lyme illness cases,” said subordinate aesculapian serviceman of wellness Dr. Joanne Kearon.

“With warming climates, ticks past nan winter. We’re truthful seeing ticks earlier, tick bites earlier, and unfortunately, Lyme illness earlier than ever.”

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The region is considered an “established consequence area” for nan kinds of ticks that origin Lyme illness and ticks are often recovered successful wooded areas and agelong grasses. People are urged to interaction their wellness attraction supplier arsenic soon arsenic they announcement a wound arsenic antibiotic curen is disposable and betterment is much apt nan earlier curen begins.

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“If you find a tick connected a person’s body, region it arsenic soon arsenic possible. Ticks request to beryllium attached for astatine slightest 24 hours to transmit nan germs that causes Lyme Disease. Ticks removed from your assemblage tin beryllium submitted to our squad aliases to for identification,” Kearon said.

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