Louis Bacon and Moore Capital - an apology

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By Daily Mail Reporter
Updated: 19:14 EDT, 30 September 2010

In an article ‘A hedge money Godfather…’ of September 4 2010, we suggested that Mr Bacon was complicit successful unethical behaviour wrong his hedge money business, Moore Capital, and elsewhere, and arsenic a consequence he is not nan benignant of person, and Moore Capital not nan benignant of business, that nan Conservative Party should see accepting financial donations from.

We are happy to corroborate for nan grounds that location is nary constituent whatsoever to nan proposal that Mr Bacon aliases Moore Capital are blameworthy of immoderate unethical behaviour, and we retract immoderate proposal that morganatic governmental parties should awkward distant from them.

We apologise for nan embarrassment and immoderate harm caused to Mr Bacon and Moore Capital.

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