Lauren Boebert is slammed after launching homophobic attack on Pete Buttigieg saying he was 'chestfeeding' instead of reading her letter

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  • The quality of nan onslaught progressive a reference to 'chestfeeding'
  • Boebert and Buttigieg were arguing complete her taking in installments for a bridge 

By James Cirrone For Dailymail.Com

Published: 15:43 EDT, 26 May 2024 | Updated: 05:01 EDT, 27 May 2024

Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert was attacked this week for launching a homophobic reproach astatine Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

In consequence to Buttigieg calling nan Republican retired for erroneously taking in installments for nan Glenwood Springs South Bridge successful Colorado, Boebert made a remark astir him 'chest-feeding.'

Buttigieg made history erstwhile he became nan first opening cheery US furniture caput successful 2021 - but 'chest-feeding' is simply a word utilized by galore trans men and non-binary group to picture nan enactment of feeding their newborns from their thorax area. 

'Mayor Pete, possibly you were retired chest-feeding and missed my letter, but I personally wrote you astir this successful June 2022,' she wrote connected X this past Wednesday.

She did successful truth constitute a missive to Buttigieg successful support of nan assistance backing for nan South Bridge. But the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was passed successful 2021, a twelvemonth earlier her letter.

Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert's astir caller contention is tied to a homophobic remark she made to Secretary Pete Buttigieg connected X

Boebert's station from May 22 that sparked backlash against her arsenic she is moving for re-election. The superior successful her territory will hap connected June 25

Additionally, nan backing for nan South Bridge that Boebert said she secured $51.4 million for really came from a proviso successful that aforesaid infrastructure law, thing she voted against because it 'wastes hundreds of millions connected climate change alternatively of roads and bridges.'

Boebert's original station opinionated pinch nan Glenwood Springs City Councilor Jonathan Godes and taking in installments for nan span was made connected May 22. 

Buttigieg struck backmost nan aforesaid day.

'Congresswoman, successful what measurement do you judge that your support helped this project? We chose it because it's a bully project, and funded it utilizing President Biden's infrastructure package, which you voted against,' he wrote connected X, quoting her original post.

If Boebert was trying to make a constituent astir perchance wasteful spending that was portion of nan infrastructure rule successful her clapback to Buttigieg, that sewage wholly mislaid successful nan shuffle pinch her reference to chest-feeding.

Angry X users descended connected her station to sound disconnected astir really she was being homophobic by mocking Buttigieg, who has 2 adopted children pinch hubby Chasten.

Buttigieg, pictured present successful beforehand of a Senate subcommittee, hasn't responded to Boebert's thorax feeding comment

Buttigieg reposted Boebert's declare of securing nan $51.4 cardinal for nan South Bridge successful Glenwood Springs, reminding group that she voted against nan rule that made that yet dispersed that money

An overhead image of nan South Bridge, nan portion of infrastructure Boebert took in installments for successful her original station contempt nan backing coming from a measure she voted against

'All parents do tegument to tegument astatine nan commencement of their children. It’s normal. It’s very important for parents of adopted children. Maybe if you paid attraction to yours they wouldn’t beryllium going to jail,' 1 X personification wrote.

This is successful reference to Boebert's boy Tyler who was arrested 2 months agone for spot theft charges. Boebert this period declined to be her son's tribunal proceeding successful favour of making an quality astatine Trump's hush money proceedings successful New York.

'Let's talk astir thorax feeding pinch #BoboTheHobo shall we?' 1 X personification wrote, attaching nan wide circulated video of Boebert groping her day astatine a Beetlejuice musical.

In fact, galore replies mixed argumentation criticisms of her pinch jabs astir her naughty escapades astatine a Denver theatre successful September 2023, which included her vaping and taking photos during nan performance.

'You defending taking in installments for money you voted against is vile. Par for nan course, Gropert,' 1 personification wrote.

Another wrote: 'Stick to your theatre work, bigot.'

Boebert decided to move districts and joined nan title to switch outgoing Rep. Ken Buck. She's been attacked for being a carpetbagger but has nan biggest run warfare thorax astatine $1 million, Colorado News Line reported in April.

Colorado's superior is scheduled for June 25. 

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