Laughing Kamala Harris calls Supreme Court abortion decision 'f***ed up' and reveals why she is dropping more f-bombs and waking up at 3am

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Vice President Kamala Harris many times utilized nan f-word successful a nationalist interview pinch Rolling Stone magazine, arsenic she continues rebooting her nationalist floor plan heading into nan election successful November. 

Harris utilized nan f-word to definitive her disappointment pinch nan number of tribunal cases surrounding nan rumor of abortion rights.

‘It’s f***ed up,’ she said referring to oral arguments successful a Supreme Court lawsuit complete an Idaho abortion ban.  

Harris painted herself arsenic a change-maker, claiming she was a nationalist charismatic consenting to situation traditions and garbage to judge nan position quo.

‘You commencement trying to alteration position quo, you f**k pinch position quo, it will conflict you,’ she explained, arguing she was ‘impatient’ connected issues that mattered to her.

Kamala Harris said she would proceed cursing arsenic she brings shaking up nan expectations of a vice president

Harris acknowledged during nan question and reply that she was cursing much than erstwhile Vice Presidents.

‘I curse more!’ she said pinch a laugh. ‘It’s not a caller connection to me, and I deliberation erstwhile 1 speaks nan language, 1 should get nan pronunciation down. My pronunciation is very good, convey you very much!’

This is nan 2nd clip successful little than a period that Harris has publically utilized nan f-word.

The vice president besides utilized nan f-word successful May to counsel young group astir pursuing their futures.

’Sometimes group will unfastened nan doorway for you and time off it open; sometimes they won’t,” she said during an arena pinch young Asian-Americans. ‘And past you request to footwear that fucking doorway down.’ 

 Harris spent clip successful nan Rolling Stone question and reply highlighting her grounds arsenic a fighter, 1 of 2 main themes nan Biden run is focusing connected arsenic she campaigns for reelection.

She said astir getting into a beingness conflict pinch a kid connected nan playground erstwhile she was successful kindergarten to take sides her champion friend.

‘I jumped successful and ended up getting successful a conflict pinch nan kid,’ she said, pointing retired it was ‘just my instinct’ to beryllium a protector.

‘I dislike bullies. I can’t abide by group who usage their powerfulness successful a measurement that is intended to diminish different people,’ she added.

Harris was much composed, erstwhile she was asked astir her first guidance to nan Supreme Court Dobbs determination that overturned Roe v. Wade.

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris delivers remarks astatine nan 30th Annual We Are Emily National Conference 

Kamala Harris visits a Planned Parenthood session successful Saint Paul, Minnesota, 

She recalled calling her hubby Doug Emhoff and utilizing ‘words’ that she felt comfortable utilizing pinch him.

‘"Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. Bleep,’" she said recalling nan words of her conversation. '“Can you judge what they did?” And I retrieve saying to him, “They did it. They really did it.“’

Harris described nan infinitesimal arsenic ‘surreal,’ admitting that she did not deliberation nan Supreme Court would really nonstop nan rumor of abortion backmost to nan states.

‘Oh, it took nan upwind retired of me,’ she recalled.

Harris said she did not for illustration categorizing nan rumor of abortion arsenic a quality betwixt nan governmental near and nan right.

‘There is not a female successful her twenties who, if she’s having activity pinch a man, isn’t worried astir getting pregnant unintentionally,’ she said. ‘So talk astir a lived acquisition for a full batch of group who don’t deliberation astir “Am I near aliases right?“’

When she was reminded of her ‘3 americium agenda’ level from her campaign, Harris said that arsenic Vice President she ‘often’ woke up astatine 3 successful nan morning, arsenic she was worried astir nan election.

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris introduces U.S. President Joe Biden during a run rally

Vice President Kamala Harris participates successful a infinitesimal of soundlessness astatine nan Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School memorial successful Parkland, Florida

‘I’m profoundly concerned astir nan value and consequence of this election,’ she said.

Harris said she had taken 40 trips to 16 different states successful conscionable nan past 4 months.

She said astir her sojourn to nan Parkland precocious schoolhouse successful February, revealing nan gory specifications of what she saw successful nan building.

‘The humor was there. Obviously, it’s dry, but nan humor was there. You could spot wherever location had been pools of humor wherever these children were slaughtered,’ she said.

Harris besides reacted to nan rumor of young group protesting nan Israeli warfare successful Palestine, reminding them of what Hamas did successful Israel during nan October 7 attack..  

‘On October 7, 1,200 group were slaughtered, galore of them young group attending a concert. Think Burning Man. Women were horribly raped. I’ve seen this successful different places astir nan world, rape being utilized arsenic a instrumentality of war,’ she said.

But she besides criticized Israel for sidesplitting excessively galore guiltless Palestinians, demanding a cease occurrence and much activity for a two-state solution successful nan region.

 ’And we must conflict what we person seen arsenic a emergence of antisemitism astir nan world. And we must conflict Islamophobia,' she added. ‘And group are surviving successful fear.’

Harris laughed erstwhile asked by Rolling Stone what euphony she was listening to recently, suggesting she was excessively engaged to perceive to euphony and pointing to her briefing binder.

‘What music? The pages turning successful my binder!’ she replied laughing. ‘This is my small songbook. This is today’s. So what euphony americium I listening to astatine nan moment? Apparently, my small violin.’

Vice President Kamala Harris visits nan Vibration workplace astatine nan state skate parkland successful Accra, Ghana

Kamala Harris dances pinch gospel vocalist Kirk Franklin astatine nan White House during a Juneteenth concert 

Vice President Kamala Harris dances astatine nan White House pinch vocalist Kirk Franklin

In nan past, Harris has often said her emotion of music, reminding group she grew up pinch nan medium 'Young, talented and black'  by Aretha Franklin.

Harris besides likes to sojourn vinyl grounds stores which offers her a chance to talk astir her emotion of music.

In February, Harris visited a grounds shop during a travel to Michigan and purchased a Miles Davis album.

Last year, Harris besides visited a grounds shop and showed disconnected her purchases to nan property including Charlie Mingus, whom she said was “one of nan top jazz performers ever;” a Roy Ayers’ album, 'Everybody Loves nan Sunshine, which she called 1 of her 'favorite albums of each time' and Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald’s collaborative 1959 album, Porgy and Bess.

Harris besides loves dancing to music. On Monday she was spotted dancing connected shape during a performance astatine nan White House celebrating Juneteenth. 

Gospel vocalist Kirk Franklin pulled Harris up connected shape during his capacity of nan opus 'Smile.'

 Harris grasped Franklin's manus and took a rotation earlier she started free-styling creation moves to nan hit of nan euphony for little than a infinitesimal earlier leaving nan stage.

She said astir nan value of euphony during nan event.  

'Through nan struggles and successes of our history, Black artists for illustration these person put opus to our nation’s conflict for freedom,' she said. 'Through spirituals, blues, and gospel, done jazz, soul, and hip-hop, artists springiness sound to nan joyousness and hope, ambition and aspiration, courageousness and condemnation of nan group of our nation.' 

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