Kathryn Dennis's DUI arrest: Video shows cop emptying bottles of Fireball whiskey from Southern Charm star's Louis Vuitton dog bag

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Southern Charm prima Kathryn Dennis was arrested for driving nether nan power aft getting progressive successful a 3 car collision. Her mugshot for nan May 20 DUI 

Shocking caller video shows a constabulary serviceman emptying vessel aft vessel of Fireball whiskey retired of Kathryn Dennis's Louis Vuitton canine container aft officers seized it pursuing her arrest for causing a three-vehicle-collision last week.

In a cache of stunning caller footage, obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com, nan erstwhile Southern Charm belle tin besides beryllium seen flunking her section sobriety trial earlier that evening – wobbling, shoeless, successful nan headlights of nan patrol car called to nan scene.

Dennis, 32, was arrested and charged pinch being drunk astatine nan instrumentality and transporting alcohol successful unfastened containers erstwhile she smashed into nan backmost of a car arsenic it slowed to a extremity astatine a reddish postulation awesome astir 9.15pm past Monday. That car successful move deed nan car successful beforehand of it.

Last week bodycam footage emerged of Dennis sobbing successful nan backmost of a constabulary car arsenic she was transported by officers of Goose Creek Police Department to Berkley County Detention Center successful Monck's Corner, South Carolina.

Now, DailyMail.com tin uncover caller specifications of that journey, of Dennis's erratic behaviour and of nan chaotic events that preceded it.

The erstwhile Southern Charm belle tin beryllium seen flunking her section sobriety trial - wobbling, shoeless, successful nan headlights of nan patrol car called to nan scene

New video shows a constabulary serviceman emptying bottles of Fireball whiskey retired of Dennis's Louis Vuitton canine container aft her DUI arrest 

In nan video, nan serviceman takes nan Fireball bottles retired of nan container 1 by one, earlier coming crossed a azygous tin of Coke. He yet throws them each successful nan trash.

According to nan incident study obtained by DailyMail.com nan first serviceman to speak to Dennis observed her 'glossy eyes' and 'the odor of intoxicant emanating from [her] person.'

The serviceman besides noted 'an unopened vessel of Fireball connected nan driver's broadside floorboard' and a 'pink tumbler cup successful nan halfway console which was empty.'

The serviceman noted that Dennis refused a breathalyzer trial but agreed to acquisition a section sobriety test.

Captured by nan dashcam video of his patrol car nan grade to which Dennis flunked nan trial is painfully evident.

According to his study nan first trial nan serviceman carried retired was nan 'Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test,' successful which a personification is asked to way an officer's digit while nan bull looks for nan tell-tale involuntary oculus jerking which happens erstwhile personification nether nan power of narcotics aliases intoxicant looks to nan side.

As good arsenic smelling nan intoxicant connected Dennis arsenic she stood earlier him, nan serviceman noted 4 retired of six clues suggesting intoxication while conducting nan trial including a 'lack of soft pursuit' connected Dennis's part.

The adjacent trial was a locomotion and move for which she chose to region her sandals. Here nan serviceman noted she could not moreover support her equilibrium while opinionated successful nan starting position, utilized her arms and hands for equilibrium arsenic she walked and missed nan bottommost to toed request of nan locomotion connected galore occasions.

She was likewise incapable to equilibrium connected 1 limb without windmilling her arms successful an effort to support her balance.

Later, oblivious to her performance, Dennis tin beryllium heard telling herself, 'I passed that f***ing section sobriety test. This is immoderate b******t. Like, I virtually americium not drunk.'

Dennis was walking pinch her aureate doodle puppy 'Lil Gucci' whom she had placed successful nan backmost of nan constabulary patrol conveyance during these tests

Videos show nan reality prima handcuffed aft failing sobriety tests. She tells nan cops: Y'all are ruining my life'

Dennis was walking pinch her aureate doodle puppy 'Lil Gucci' whom she had placed successful nan backmost of nan constabulary patrol conveyance during these tests. When officers searched nan pup's canine bearer they found, 'several mini bottles of Fireball, immoderate of which were opened and empty.'

Indeed, footage of nan hunt of that container arsenic she was booked into Berkley County Detention Center immoderate hours later shows an serviceman removing astatine slightest 10 miniature bottles from nan container – immoderate are empty, immoderate are unfastened and look half empty, others are afloat and still bound together by nan integrative wrap of nan multipack successful which they were bought.

Patrol car footage of nan thrust from nan segment to nan detention halfway reviewed by DailyMail.com shows Dennis moving nan affectional gamut successful attempts to derail nan owed process of her arrest.

At times she pleads, astatine others she wails successful fury astatine being separated from her 'child' by which she intends her dog.

At immoderate points she threatens nan officers pinch ineligible action, saying she will 'ruin' them, astatine others she attempts to chat much calmly and elicit sympathy.

When she sobs her tears look to beryllium retired of vexation and anger that nary of her tactics  person immoderate effect connected nan cops.

She accuses nan serviceman of rubbing her inappropriately arsenic he reaches crossed her to fasten her safety-belt crossed her thigh while her hands are cuffed down her back.

She past accuses nan serviceman of trying to 'gaslight' her 'like my ex.'

Dennis's tumultuous narration pinch disgraced erstwhile congressman Thomas Ravenel which resulted successful 2 children and ended successful 2018 erstwhile he was deed pinch intersexual battle charges by 3 women, was nan predominant plotline aliases her 8 seasons pinch Bravo reality show, Southern Charm.

 The reality prima was besides booked for driving pinch an unfastened container

Dennis's tumultuous narration pinch disgraced erstwhile legislature man Thomas Ravenel ended successful 2018. They stock boy St. Julien Rembert, eight, and girl Kensington Calhoun, 10

At 1 constituent during her proscription to nan detention halfway Dennis pleads for leniency from nan serviceman arresting her saying, 'I'm going to suffer custody of my children, please!'

But Dennis mislaid custody of Kensington 'Kensie' Calhoun, 9, and St. Julien 'Saint' Rembert, 7, to their begetter pursuing a prolonged and bitter custody conflict arsenic she many times grounded nan court-mandated supplier testing connected which her authorities to her children depended.

She now has supervised visitation pinch them each different Saturday and Sunday.

At different constituent she says, 'I'm ne'er going to get my kids back. Thanks guys. There's virtually nary logic for maine to beryllium here. So congratulations it's f***ing b******t.'

Vacillating wildly, Dennis seems lucid astatine times, earlier lurching into a rage and threatening nan officers, 'I will f***ing ruin you,' erstwhile they explicate her canine will beryllium taken into a lb until personification tin travel and cod him.

Later, successful a infinitesimal of evident resignation and exhaustion she says, 'There's nary measurement to spell backmost now is there?'

Dennis was booked into Berkely Detention Center Monday nighttime wherever she was held earlier being released connected bond. Her enslaved was group astatine $1,199.50 for nan DUI and $257.70 for transporting an unfastened instrumentality of intoxicant successful a centrifugal vehicle.

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