Jason Kelce Reveals How ​Wife Kylie Reacted to Harrison Butker’s Graduation Speech Quoting Taylor Swift

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Harrison Butker’s commencement reside astatine Benedictine College ruffled much than a fewer feathers, including those of Kylie Kelce. Jason Kelce, Kylie’s husband, revealed really his woman responded to Harrison’s arguable comments.

“Obviously, my woman — she was, I think, a small spot disappointment by immoderate of nan comments,” Jason, 36, said during nan Friday, May 24, “New Heights” podcast episode.

The erstwhile Philadelphia Eagles subordinate past joked, “I said, ‘Listen, you’re gonna request to spell backmost successful nan room and make maine a sandwich. [There’s] a crippled correct now.’”

Jason besides expressed his ain issues pinch Harrison’s speech.

“A batch of nan things he said successful his commencement reside are not things that I align myself with, but he was giving a commencement reside astatine a Catholic assemblage and — shocker — it ended up being a very belief and Catholic speech. To me, I tin perceive to personification talk and return awesome worth successful it,” nan dada of 3 said.

Jason’s cohost and brother, Travis Kelce, besides addressed his stance connected nan business during nan episode.

“He’s treated friends and family that I’ve introduced to him pinch thing but respect and kindness and that’s really he treats everyone. When it comes down to his views and what he said astatine nan commencement speech, you know, those are his [views]. I can’t opportunity I work together pinch nan mostly of it — aliases conscionable astir immoderate of it — extracurricular of conscionable him loving his family aliases his kids. I don’t deliberation I should judge him by his views, particularly his belief views of really he goes astir life,” nan Kansas City Chiefs tight extremity explained.

In nan reside nan NFL kicker gave connected May 11, Harrison, 28, took purpose astatine moving women, nan LGBTQIA+ community, abortion and more. Harrison singled retired “the women” successful nan assemblage of graduates and said that they had “the astir diabolical lies” told to them. He besides added that while “some” whitethorn extremity up starring “successful careers,” he “ventured to conjecture that nan mostly of you are astir excited astir your matrimony and nan children you will bring into this world.”

How Jason Kelce's Wife Kylie Reacted to Harrison Butker’s Speech

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The Decatur, Georgia, autochthonal addressed nan men arsenic well, and urged them to “be unapologetic successful your masculinity” and “fight against nan taste emasculation of men.”

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Harrison besides quoted a lyric from Travis’ woman Taylor Swift’s opus “Bejeweled,” and told nan crowd, “This undue familiarity will beryllium to beryllium problematic each time, because arsenic my teammate’s woman says, ‘Familiarity breeds contempt.’”

The usage of Taylor’s lyrics did not beryllium good pinch respective Swifties who took to societal media to slam nan shot player.

“Oh, Harrison Butker, I don’t deliberation you grasped nan connection of nan Taylor Swift opus you quoted. Go perceive to each her albums arsenic homework,” wrote 1 fan.

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