Internet divided after woman appears to tear up while reading letter from parents' murderer

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The net has been divided aft a Virginia woman collapsed down successful tears while reference a missive that was allegedly sent by nan man who murdered her parents.

Ariel Jones, 28, publication nan words aloud to her followers connected TikTok, claiming that she had received them from nan personification who made her an orphan astatine conscionable 4 months old.

She uploaded nan video pinch nan caption: 'My parents' murderer wrote maine back. I've been waiting almost 30 years for this moment!'   

Although she did not uncover nan sanction of nan suspected writer, a news study by WDBJ-7 successful 1995 revealed that Raleigh Dean Martin murdered Joseph Siffert Jr and his woman Barbara Hackney - who Ariel says were her parents.

A Virginia female named Ariel Jones publication a missive sent to her from a man she claimed murdered her parents, Joseph Siffert Jr and his woman Barbara Hackney successful 1995

According to nan decades-old news story, Martin changeable his woman Marion earlier gunning down Siffert Jr and Hackney wrong their ain home.

The news study besides said that Siffert Jr and Hackney's 'infant girl was recovered successful nan residence unharmed,' whom Ariel claims to be.

According to decease records online, nan tragic ordeal took spot on November 7, 1995.  

Public records show that Martin, now 64, is still serving a life condemnation successful Nottoway Correctional Center, Virginia. 

Ariel showed her followers an image of her mother and begetter from happier days - naming them arsenic Joseph and Barbara.

An X personification who re-shared Jones' video on June 7 besides added different clip connected their thread, showing nan 28-year-old explaining nan tragic events that took place.

In nan video, Ariel claimed: 'He changeable my begetter 4 times - nan first changeable was a termination changeable into his lungs. He changeable my mother 5 times - nan first changeable went to her heart.'

Martin pled blameworthy to superior execution for sidesplitting Siffert Jr and Hackney successful February 1996 and was sentenced to life, according to an archived WDBJ 7 report. 

Jones hinted that she was preparing to constitute a missive to Martin successful her video aft she explained nan tragic events that led to nan decease of her parents. 

As soon arsenic she sewage nan letter, she gave a mini grin and proceeded to unfastened nan missive and publication what it said.

Jones, who claimed to beryllium nan execution victims' girl successful aggregate TikToks, explained nan communicative of her parents execution successful a abstracted video

Martin wrote successful nan alleged missive that it was 'really good' to perceive from her and that he hopes she and her family are doing good.

'Thank you for nan opportunity to write. I've been praying that someway God would comfortableness you successful a measurement that only he could do,' he wrote.

'I want you to cognize that I attraction astir you and consenting to thief you immoderate measurement that I can.'

Jones publication that Dean had wanted to write, but he wanted her to 'break nan ice' arsenic he did not want to offend her.

He besides congratulated her connected making it done unfastened bosom surgery, her education, and raising 2 daughters.

'I would for illustration to constitute immoderate backmost and distant and I tin telephone you if you'd like,' he wrote.

He concluded by writing: 'I'm gladsome you wrote. I person thing but bully intent. Please return care, Dean.'

Jones had a mini grin aft she publication nan letter, but she couldn't thief but outcry soon afterward.

Raleigh Dean Martin pled blameworthy to nan murders and was sentenced to life successful situation wherever he continues to reside coming successful Virginia

X users are divided by her reaction, including nan original poster, who was 'confused' by Jones' joy.

'She is acting for illustration her favourite popular commencement interaction her... I'm confused,' an X personification tweeted connected June 7.

One personification accused this action of being 'a weird fetish' and different noted that they 'didn't perceive nan apology.'

'Trauma bond. She had not healed from that tragic past and is trying to get solace somehow,' a X personification tweeted on June 8. 

'It is strange. But, this is really she is choosing to process nan unimaginable,' different X personification wrote.

'I conscionable dream for her liking that it doesn’t negatively impact her narration pinch nan remainder of her family.' 

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