Inside the love life of Aussie playboy billionaire after he split from his wife - as he lives it up with a string of glamorous younger girlfriends

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The Australian billionaire down an online gaming institution is turning heads connected nan French Riviera alongside a bevy of beauties pursuing his matrimony split.

Laurence Escalante is accelerated earning a estimation arsenic a ladies' man aft attending nan Cannes Film Festival alongside OnlyFans 'creator' Corinna Kopf.

He is believed to person wooed Ms Kopf by offering to alert her from nan U.S. to Perth to cheque retired his car postulation - and his bold gambit seems to person worked a charm.

Mr Escalante, 42, is nan laminitis of 1 of nan country's largest backstage companies, Virtual Gaming Worlds (VGW), which operates nan wildly celebrated app Chumba Casino that lets players 'experience nan thrill' of pokies without spending existent money.

Customers astatine nan virtual 'Chumba Casino' tin play games specified arsenic poker, bingo and slots without parting pinch their hard-earned rate - though gamers do person nan action to bargain virtual currencies to play pinch if they wish.

Thanks to nan occurrence of his pseudo-gambling empire, Mr Escalante is 1 of nan country's youngest billionaires pinch an estimated luck of $3.9billion, according to nan Australian Financial Review.

Corinna Kopf is said to beryllium nan latest woman of Perth billionaire Laurence Escalante

Ms Kopf, 28, is an American OnlyFans exemplary known for being nan ex-girlfriend of YouTuber-turned-WWE superstar Logan Paul.

According to a well-placed source, nan brace met done societal media and nan billionaire flew Ms Kopf retired to Perth to position his extended car collection.

The 2 were past week seen lapping up nan French Riviera sun successful Cannes and Monaco alongside chap Australian Rich-Lister James Packer.

Since splitting from his woman and mother of his 4 children, Sarita Escalante, successful 2018, Mr Escalante has been linked to a number of women.

Escalante was successful a semipermanent narration pinch Perth lawyer Sian Whyte aft his matrimony ended, pinch nan brace sharing loved-up photos together connected societal media.

They softly divided successful 2022 and he moved connected pinch Erin Snape, who is understood to beryllium an acquaintance of Ms Whyte's.

Sarita Escalante (pictured) is nan ex-wife of Laurence Escalante. The erstwhile mates stock 4 children together

Perth lawyer Sian Whyte was Mr Escalante's semipermanent woman aft he divided from his wife

Mr Escalante dated Erin Snape for respective months earlier she disappeared from his Instagram

Model Jacinta Constantine attended nan Melbourne Grand Prix pinch Mr Escalante successful March

However, she excessively vanished from his Instagram in caller weeks, and he was soon spotted pinch a bid of young women, including Perth exemplary Jacinta Constantine.

Ms Constantine was spotted by his broadside astatine nan Melbourne Grand Prix successful March. The 2 besides later travelled to Japan for a holiday. 

In 2022, Escalante joined nan ranks of Australia's richest people, pinch an estimated nett worthy of $2.15billion.

Mr Escalante, known for documenting his lavish manner connected societal media, is unafraid to walk his money and regularly shows disconnected his costly toys connected Instagram, including a Lamborghini Tecnomar 63 yacht and a Bombardier backstage jet.

He is besides passionate astir accelerated cars and has invested successful a car modification business, Beyond Custom, arsenic good arsenic a training and coaching business, Arise Racing.

He is said to person Australia's biggest backstage supercar and 'hypercar' collection, and has signed a sponsorship woody pinch nan Ferrari F1 racing team.

Last year, 2 of his Lamborghini Aventador Ultimaes were progressive successful a bungle astatine nan hands of Crown valet unit successful Perth.

The 2 supercars, each worthy $1million, are nan past loop of nan Italian car manufacturer's celebrated Aventador exemplary - but they are conscionable 2 of nan galore costly items nan billionaire owns.

While he now lives a luxury manner pinch regular superyacht trips from Western Australia's beautiful beaches, nan businessman has humble beginnings, having started his master life flipping burgers astatine Hungry Jack's.

But arsenic his partying and spending heats up, investors are becoming progressively concerned Virtual Gaming Worlds whitethorn ne'er spell public.

Some investors were unhappy pinch Mr Escalante's decision, announced past March, to sponsor nan Ferrari F1 team. 

They based on it was much based connected his individual passions alternatively than widening VGW’s nickname successful nan U.S., a contention that was disputed by Mr Escalante.

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