'I should end up dead': 19-year-old pleads for capital punishment after murdering Good Samaritan while high on PCP

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By Daily Mail Reporter

Published: 12:43 EST, 3 November 2012 | Updated: 12:43 EST, 3 November 2012

A 19-year-old man Texas man jailed for shooting dormant a Good Samaritan was trying to forestall a robbery opportunity that he deserves nan decease penalty.

'What I did was wrong,' said Justin Jones. 'I killed that man. I deliberation I should get thing little than nan decease penalty.

Dallas-born Jones confessed to constabulary that he killed Donald Morrow II, 36, extracurricular of Sherlock's Baker St. Pub and Grill connected October 17 aft committing a drawstring of robberies while precocious connected nan notorious hallucinogen PCP. 

Jason Jones

Remorse: Jones says that he committed nan crime while precocious connected a cocktail of drugs, but accepts that he deserves nan decease penalty

His alleged accomplice, 17-year-old Tierra Winters, confessed to driving nan getaway car that night. Police arrested nan brace past week aft receiving accusation connected their whereabouts.  

During a jailhouse question and reply pinch nan station WFAA past Thursday, Jones said that he accepts afloat work for what had happened.

'I'm present for superior murder,' he said. 'They cognize I did it. Everybody cognize I did it. I did it.'

The fateful nighttime began  erstwhile Jones took respective tablets of wide disposable anti-anxiety medicine Xanax. He followed that by smoking immoderate some marijuana which, he says, turned retired to beryllium laced pinch PCP

‘It kicked successful and past I don’t really retrieve much,’ Jones said. ‘It was for illustration I was blacking out. It was for illustration I was slumber walking. I’m doing it but I don’t cognize what I’m doing.’

Getaway driver Tierra Winters, 17

Jason Jones

Held: Alleged getaway driver Tierra Winters, 17, is jailed on pinch Jason Jones for her portion successful nan crime spree that led to Donald Morrow's convulsive death

He past ran into his friend Zadarian Montgomery who he said convinced him to get progressive successful a robbery-carjacking extracurricular a convenience shop connected Sunnyvale Street. Jones pointed a weapon astatine nan victim, demanding money and nan man’s wallet, the Dallas Morning Star reported. 

The brace past drove off, pinch Jones down nan wheel, constabulary said.

Jones claims that he blacked retired and doesn’t retrieve what came next, but according to police, nan he past met up pinch Winters and she drove him astir Dallas robbing respective group connected nan way.

At nan extremity of that robbery spree, authorities opportunity Jones approached Morrow, Donnie Bullock and Bullock’s woman soon aft 1am successful nan parking batch of nan barroom astatine Park Lane and North Central Expressway. 

The man pointed a weapon astatine Bullock and demanded his wallet. Morrow tried to intervene, hitting  Jones, who past fatally changeable him.

Jason Jones

Blackout: Jones says that he remembers small of nan events of October 17th, bud concedes that he deserves nan decease punishment for his crimes.

Jones said he doesn’t retrieve thing astir nan incident isolated from for personification hitting him and nan sound of a shot.

‘After nan gunshot, it’s for illustration I’m dreaming,’ he said. ‘I don’t moreover retrieve really I sewage home.’

When he woke up, he says Montgomery told him that a slug was missing from nan weapon and he knew past that he must person wounded someone, but he didn’t fuss to cheque nor move himself in.

'I don't moreover retrieve his face, what happened to him,' Jones said from jail. 'I don't moreover retrieve stepping up to him, waving a weapon astatine him - each I retrieve is simply a conscionable a gunshot.' 

‘This man dormant for nary mother****ing reason, for immoderate s***I can't moreover explain,’ he said.

Donald Morrow's mother, Margie Morrow, said she wants to spot her son's slayer executed.

Margie Morrow

Donald Morrow

Victim: Margie Morrow says she wants nan slayer of her boy Donald (R) to look nan decease penalty

'I do judge location comes a clip and a spot erstwhile what you do - you suffer nan literal consequences for it,' she told nan Dallas Morning News. 

In an question and reply pinch Fox4 Jones said he is sorry for his actions but he is not asking his victim's family to judge his apology. Instead, nan 19-year-old said each he tin do now is pray. 

'I should extremity up dead,' he said. 'I don’t moreover want to beryllium surviving nary more...I don’t want to beryllium here. 

'I consciousness for illustration I took this man’s life and my life should beryllium [taken]...I’m not saying I will spell backmost to my compartment and bent myself. But I’m saying what I did was truthful f***ed up that nan judge shouldn’t springiness maine thing but nan decease punishment and make it quick,' he said.

Jones is being held connected bail totaling much than $1million. Winters besides remains down bars connected $1million bail. 

Jones has emphatically denied that nan intent of his tearful confession is for group to consciousness sorry for him.  

‘Please don't consciousness sorry for me. I don't moreover want my family to consciousness sorry for me,’ he said.

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