I invited every child in my daughter's class to her birthday party except one - now mums are calling me a 'bully'

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A mum has asked if she's successful nan incorrect for not inviting her daughter's champion friend to her 13th birthday. 

The 36-year-old planned a sleepover statement astatine a trampoline parkland and invited 19 students successful her daughter's class, unaware she was leaving 1 out.

Then connected nan time of nan statement an other girl, Kamilla, turned up pinch her mum and a container afloat of gifts.

'When we were booking nan event, [my daughter] said to only book 19 places. I asked her if she was judge she wasn't missing retired someone, but she assured maine location were only 19 kids successful her people and I was conscionable misremembering,' nan mum wrote connected Reddit. 

'When Kamilla went up to hug my girl and wish her a happy birthday, she lightly pushed her distant and told Kamilla she couldn't be arsenic we forgot to book her place.

'I apologised to Kamilla and her mother and offered to talk to nan group successful complaint and salary for her place, but my girl insisted that Kamilla couldn't come. Kamilla was very distraught complete this and started sobbing.

When readying nan party, nan mother thought she was inviting everyone successful her daughter's people and was told location were 19 students to invite. But she wasn't alert her girl decided to exclude her 'best friend' (stock image)

'I pulled my girl speech and asked her why Kamilla couldn't join, moreover though they utilized to beryllium friends and she'd invited each different student successful her year. She said that Kamilla was conscionable really weird, obsessive, and creepy, and she didn't want to beryllium friends pinch her anymore,' nan mum continued. 

'I asked her if Kamilla was bullying her and she said no, she conscionable didn't want to beryllium astir Kamilla. Kamilla's mother had recovered retired astir nan statement done different genitor and Kamilla decided to astonishment my girl knowing she hadn't been fixed an invite.'

The mum returned nan gifts and apologised past explained location wasn't capable abstraction for her to join.

'Her mother started screaming astatine me, telling maine that I was a grown big female bullying a pre-teen girl. I told her that it was my daughter's day party, she could induce whoever she wanted,' nan station continued. 

'She accused maine of raising my girl to beryllium a bully, and that she couldn't conscionable induce nan full people and exclude 1 girl. She claimed that Kamilla was my daughter's "best friend" and she had to correct to beryllium invited.'

The 'best friend' and her mum showed up astatine nan statement unannounced pinch a gift but were rejected arsenic location was nary abstraction to subordinate (stock image)

To diffuse nan situation, nan mum explained she couldn't unit her girl to induce personification 'just to beryllium nice' and she 'didn't want to raise a doormat'. 

'I didn't want to thatch her to worth nan feelings of others astatine nan disbursal of her ain - if my girl feels uncomfortable astir someone, past I prioritise HER wellbeing complete that of a strangers,' she continued. 

Kamilla's mother is now speaking to nan teachers astatine schoolhouse successful dream nan girl will not beryllium punished for 'bullying'. 

'I've tried explaining to her that my girl was simply mounting her boundaries, she shouldn't person to look consequences for that. Kamilla's mother said that I was an "evil b****" who "took joyousness successful bullying small girls". Am I nan a**hole?' 

Many were speedy to respond pinch blunt disapproval of nan mum's decision.  

'The existent rumor present is your girl lied to you astir nan people size truthful she could exclude this 1 person. It's imaginable that Kamilla makes your girl uncomfortable but it's besides imaginable that your girl is being unnecessarily mean. With teenagers, it could spell either way,' 1 Redditor wrote. 

'I deliberation you should spell to nan schoolhouse and find retired what's going on. You person nary measurement of knowing if your girl really is being a bully until you find retired for yourself. 

'If she is bullying Kamilla, you request to cognize truthful you tin correct nan behaviour. Don't beryllium truthful speedy to judge your girl is guiltless here. Someone told Kamilla she could travel to this party. Ask yourself this question: really did Kamilla cognize wherever nan statement was and what clip it started?' 

A 3rd said: 'If this 1 student didn't bully her, wasn't rude, but conscionable 'weird' your girl is actively isolating and perchance bully a woman that conscionable 'doesn't fresh nan crowd'. YTA and truthful is your daughter.' 

Others said nan mum wasn't successful nan incorrect for opinionated up for her daughter.   

'I'm going to beryllium successful nan number here, but [you're] not nan a**hole. Kids calling personification weird is for illustration an big calling personification creepy - nan personification makes you uncomfortable. Tbh showing up to a statement uninvited pinch that galore gifts is weird behaviour for a child, creepy successful an adult,' 1 said.

'I'm leaning towards not nan a**hole. It's reference for illustration either stalking/obsessive behaviour aliases emotion bombing. To bring that galore gifts to a statement you're not invited to,' different said. 

'It's not your daughter's responsibility that this 'friend' makes her uncomfortable and stuff. Not nan a**hole for opinionated up to your daughter,' 1 much said.

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