Here's why Trump's own ambassador to Iceland is still '110% MAGA' and brushing off his snub by last-minute endorsement of political opponent Sam Brown in Nevada

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  • Nevada voters formed ballot successful nan GOP Senate superior connected Tuesday
  • Whoever wins superior goes up against Senator Jacky Rosen successful November 

By Sarah Ewall-wice, Senior U.S. Political Reporter For Dailymail.Com In Las Vegas, Nv

Published: 16:19 EDT, 11 June 2024 | Updated: 16:22 EDT, 11 June 2024

Voters successful Nevada are heading to nan polls connected Tuesday to formed ballots successful a bid of primaries including nan Nevada Republican Senate primary. Whoever wins nan title will return connected susceptible Democratic Senator Jacky Rosen travel November. 

Republican Sam Brown has been starring successful nan polls but his force Jeff Gunter has tally arsenic a '110 percent pro-Trump' candidate. 

Gunter served successful nan Trump management arsenic nan ex-president's ambassador to Iceland from July 2019 done nan extremity of Trump's 4 years successful nan White House. But his record has hampered his governmental campaign. 

Late Sunday, Trump came retired and endorsed his Republican force Sam Brown conscionable days earlier nan election. 

'You cognize nan swamp is heavy and moreover President Trump needs thief from each of america successful nan America first policies and those of america who emotion America,' Gunter told aft voting successful nan superior successful Las Vegas connected Tuesday. 

'I'm still 110%  pro-Trump,' Gunter said. 

Dr. Jeff Gunter (center) showing up to ballot connected Tuesday successful Las Vegas. He's moving against Sam Brown successful nan Nevada Senate primary

Both Gunter and Brown showed up for Trump's rally successful Las Vegas on Sunday. Trump mentioned Brown concisely during his reside but stopped short of endorsing him from nan podium. 

But successful a Truth Social station connected Sunday night, aft thousands had already formed ballots early successful nan primary, Trump did make an endorsement. 

Trump called Brown a 'FEARLESS AMERICAN PATRIOT' and noted he is nan recipient of a Purple Heart. 

Brown was severely burned aft his conveyance went complete a roadside explosive while he was serving successful Afghanistan successful 2008.

Trump said Brown will 'fight tirelessly' for priorities specified arsenic separator information and nan economy. 

Sam Brown is nan starring campaigner successful nan Republican Nevada Senate primary. He received an endorsement from Donald Trump precocious Sunday nighttime connected Truth Social

Voters were casting ballots Tuesday successful nan Nevada Senate primary. Whoever wins nan GOP superior connected Tuesday will return connected Senator Jacky Rosen successful November successful what is expected to beryllium 1 of nan closest Senate races

A Gunter protagonist holding a motion extracurricular a polling location connected Tuesday successful Las Vegas

Brown was polling up successful nan superior up of nan endorsement but it's expected to springiness him a last surge of momentum heading into Tuesday. 

Gunter told that he understands nan unit Trump is under. 

'I deliberation nan important point is for each of america to get up and conflict and not backmost down,' Gunter said. 

Gunter slammed much constitution Republicans successful Washington. He based on nan 'DC elites are really panicking what's going connected correct now.'

A cutout of Trump and Gunter greeted voters going to formed their ballots connected Tuesday successful Las Vegas. Gunter ran arsenic a '110% pro-Trump' campaigner successful nan race

Dr. Jeff Gunter and his woman pinch erstwhile President Donald Trump. Gunter served arsenic Ambassador to Iceland successful nan Trump administration

He pointed retired that nan equilibrium of powerfulness successful nan Senate is connected nan statement successful November and based on America First supporters are excited and coming out.

 'Most importantly it has to do pinch President Trump, having those individuals that person his back, that are supporter, aliases whether you want different Mitch McConnell Republican successful there,' Gunter said. 

When asked who he would support arsenic Republican Senate leader if elected, Gunter kept his cards adjacent to his chest. 

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