Here are the 15 new red light camera locations in London, Ont.

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The City of London is letting nan nationalist cognize that installation is underway for 15 caller red ray cameras astatine intersections crossed nan city. The caller cameras will besides much than double nan magnitude successful nan metropolis from 10 to 25.

The metropolis cites information arsenic a awesome information for nan description , saying nan number of angle, aliases T-bone, collisions has fallen by 8 to 11 per cent astatine impacted intersections since nan programme launched successful 2017. In that aforesaid clip frame, nan metropolis says nan number of crashes involving injuries and decease astatine those intersections has reduced by 40 per cent.

Red ray cameras are presently being installed at:

  • Wharncliffe Road South and Commissioners Road
  • Commissioners Road and Wonderland Road South
  • Veterans Memorial Parkway and Dundas Street
  • Wellington Road South and Exeter Road
  • Fanshawe Park Road East and Adelaide Street North
  • Fanshawe Park Road West and Aldersbrook Gate
  • Richmond Street and Fanshawe Park Road (to beryllium installed aft existent roadworthy building is complete)
  • Hamilton Road astatine Highbury Ave North
  • Oxford Street astatine Richmond Street (to beryllium installed aft existent roadworthy building is complete)
  • Oxford Street East astatine Talbot Street
  • Wharncliffe Road North and Oxford Street West
  • Western Road and Sarnia Road
  • Sarnia Road astatine Wonderland Road North
  • Wharncliffe Road South and Southdale Road East
  • Southdale Road West astatine Wonderland Road South

“Thirteen locations (implemented) successful nan adjacent fewer weeks, and past 2 of them are going to beryllium delayed, apt till towards nan extremity of nan year, conscionable to coordinate pinch building astatine those 2 peculiar intersections,” Doug MacRae, head of proscription and mobility, said Tuesday.

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“The cameras are getting installed arsenic we speak. Signage will past spell up and nan cameras will beryllium progressive successful nan very adjacent future.”

MacRae said nan metropolis has utilized collision information to find wherever to instrumentality nan cameras. In 2017, they identified nan “top 10” astatine nan clip and nan 15 further intersections conscionable proceed that list.

The programme is self-funded done gross from fines, MacRae added. The good for moving a reddish ray is $325.

According to nan city, 507 collisions successful 2023 were owed to motorists moving reddish lights.

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