Helen É Makeup Kit for just £20 for every reader!

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This weekend, nan Mail connected Sunday is offering each scholar nan chance to declare a Helen É Celebrity Red Carpet Kit, RRP £42.97, for conscionable £20

Helen E

The Red Carpet Beauty Cube, positive immoderate awesome extras - for conscionable £20!

The Red Carpet Beauty Cube contains each nan products you request to make your eyes really guidelines retired for your typical nighttime out, plus, erstwhile you return portion successful this awesome offer, you will besides get immoderate specially selected extras, conscionable for Mail connected Sunday readers.

The Red Carpet Beauty Cube contains:

An Intense Eye Shadow successful acheronian blue - Creamy agelong lasting oculus colour pinch rounded soft sponge applicator. Glide complete nan eyelid for nan fastest measurement to beautiful eyes.

Two Shimmer oculus powder shades - Dazzle pinch our shades of particulate for a sexy, shimmering sparkle anywhere! These fabulous small pots are easy to usage and travel pinch a capsicum cookware style shaker.

Eye pencil pinch smudger successful black - Waterproof and agelong wearing oculus pencil pinch a smudger that tin beryllium utilized to blend, to create a steaming soft statement definition

Colour magnification mascara successful achromatic and chestnut - With a flick of nan specially designed slim wand, your lashes will beryllium injected pinch smudge impervious colour

Step by Step DVD - Make-up Artist Junia Djojonegoro, takes you done each measurement of really to execute your Red Carpet Eyes Look, simply and effortlessly.


Get nan look pinch Helen É!

You will besides person a Lip Crayon successful Candy Floss for nan cleanable pencil finish, a Clear Shine lipgloss and a professional, speedy drying look nail polish successful Blossom, each chosen by a Helen E make-up artist, to complete your look.

How To Claim
To declare your Glam Makeup Kit online, simply CLICK HERE and participate nan promotional codification OSCAR.

We are besides offering each scholar £10 disconnected erstwhile you walk £35 aliases much connected different Helen É products. To claim, CLICK HERE and participate nan promotional codification Mail10. 


Please let 28 days for delivery.  Offer expires 30 April 2011.


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