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We're really sorry we won't beryllium capable to people nan Mail successful America anymore.   We've really appreciated your loyalty, truthful we've travel up pinch 2 different ways for you to proceed enjoying nan Mail.


The Daily Mail Newspaper iPad app

On nan iPad, nan Daily Mail is nan aforesaid insubstantial you get successful Britain, only it appears connected a screen, and nan pictures look overmuch brighter and sharper.  

You tin move nan pages and, amended still, zoom successful connected articles, make nan matter bigger and moreover email a communicative you for illustration to a friend. 

On Saturdays you'll besides get nan superb Mail's Weekend magazine, packed pinch personage interviews and recipes.  But don't return our connection for it.  It's conscionable $13.99 a period - if you return nan Daily Mail Monday to Saturday each week, that's a redeeming of much than $45!

Please note, this is nan Daily Mail, Monday to Saturday.   It does not see The Mail connected Sunday.

To get nan Daily Mail newspaper iPad app:

  • Tap connected nan iPad's app shop icon.
  • Search for 'Daily Mail newspaper' aliases spell nan 'News' class and pat connected nan 'Free' button, past connected "Install".
  • You will request to participate your iTunes relationship password to download it from nan iTunes app store.
  • The app will download automatically to your iPad. To download an version you will request to acquisition a subscription.

Alternatively, sojourn nan iTunes app shop connected your computer, hunt for 'Daily Mail newspaper' aliases spell to nan 'News' category, find nan app and click connected nan 'Get App' button.  Enter your password to statesman installation. Once downloaded, sync your iPad and it will look connected your iPad's desktop. Once connected your iPad, to download/read an version you will request to acquisition a subscription.

If you're an iPad personification download from nan app shop now!


Daily Mail and Mail connected Sunday - and each their supplements - are disposable connected Kindle.

We wish nan Kindle could show nan pages arsenic they look successful nan newspaper, but it can't.  

Still, you tin publication each nan articles and you tin take which conception of nan Mail to spell to first.

We're not going to dress you'll get arsenic overmuch pleasance arsenic you do reference a transcript of nan paper, but we're engaged moving connected a overmuch amended type for early successful nan New Year - an we committedness you'll past get a overmuch amended experience. 

And if you've sewage nan caller Kindle Fire device, please carnivore pinch us.   We're moving connected an version for that, too. 

You tin get nan Mail delivered to your Kindle each time for conscionable $22.99 - that's little than half what you're paying now successful America for nan insubstantial each day.  

Try it FREE for 14 days.  Find retired much here.

Please note, nan Kindle version is not disposable connected Kindle Fire - it is nan modular Kindle only.

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