Former Saskatoon Christian school student testifies to welts, bruises left after alleged beatings

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Former students of Legacy Christian Academy continued their testimonies Tuesday successful Saskatoon tribunal against a man accused of beating them pinch a woody paddle astatine school.

Caitlin Erickson said erstwhile schoolhouse head John Olubobokun deed her truthful difficult pinch nan cricket bat-like entity that she had achromatic welts and was bruised for weeks.

“When he would paddle me, he took his clip pinch it,” Erickson said. “You would ne'er cognize erstwhile nan blows were coming.”

Erickson is nan seventh of 11 Crown witnesses testifying against Olubobokun during his proceedings this week. He is charged pinch 9 counts of battle pinch a weapon.

Erickson said she started attending Christian Centre Church, now known arsenic Mile-Two Church, pinch her family erstwhile she was 4 years old.

She started attending schoolhouse astatine nan academy attached to nan religion successful 1997.

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“There was nary quality betwixt nan religion and schoolhouse erstwhile I went there.”

She said anyone who near nan religion aliases schoolhouse was ex-communicated, moreover if they attended different religion aliases Christian school.

“As acold arsenic nan level of churches successful nan city, we were nan only 1 that was really pursuing God and we were nan champion church,” Erickson said of nan position of nan religion leaders.

Erickson played volleyball passim her clip astatine nan schoolhouse and testified she was told she was “too expressive connected nan court” and received galore paddlings for “having an attitude.”

She said immoderate emotion shown that wasn’t happiness was perceived arsenic having a bad cognition astatine nan school.

“We were Christians, we are expected to beryllium excellent,” Erickson said she was told by schoolhouse staff. “Any benignant of antagonistic emotion was perceived arsenic disobedient.”

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She said she besides received a paddling aft she was blamed for harm to a bath doorway allegedly done by Olubobokun’s daughter, who was connected Erickson’s volleyball team.

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“Every azygous clip that that man deed me, I was near pinch a welt and bruising for weeks,” Erickson said. “I would unopen down, disassociate and conscionable effort to get done it.”

She said she took elaborate accounts of nan alleged maltreatment successful her puerility journal.

Defence lawyer Daniel Tangjerd asked to spot nan applicable pages, saying they would beryllium adjuvant if they could corroborate what she was saying.

Tangjerd told nan judge he had nary much questions for Erickson aft reviewing photocopied pages of her journal.

Erickson besides testified astir a clip she went to sojourn chap student Coy Nolin successful nan hospital.

Nolin testified Monday, saying he was hospitalized for respective weeks and Olubobokun came to sojourn him unannounced, trying to believe complete him.

He testified saying Olubobokun refused to time off erstwhile he asked him to and sewage into an statement pinch a caregiver successful nan hall.

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On her measurement to sojourn Nolin, Erickson said she overheard nan conversation.

“Olubobokun was yelling thing on nan lines of ‘Do you cognize who I am, I person a correct to beryllium here,'” Erickson testified.

She said nan statement sewage heated and nan caregiver called for security.

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When Erickson returned to school, she said she was pulled into Olubobokun’s office, wherever he demanded nan sanction of nan antheral caregiver who worked connected her mother’s ward successful nan hospital.

Erickson said Olubobokun threatened her mother’s position successful nan infirmary earlier she was paddled.

She said Olubobokun had forged a archive written from Erickson’s position successful which she appeared to beryllium complaining astir really nan caregiver treated Olubobokun astatine nan hospital.

Erickson said Olubobokun tried to get her to motion it.

The past clip Erickson claimed she was paddled she had accused a personnel of nan religion of sexually assaulting 1 of her classmates.

Erickson said nan student approached her, saying he had been sexually assaulted.

Erickson said she was pulled into Olubobokun’s agency aft telling her assembly astir nan battle allegations and was told to apologize for “making a bully family look bad.”

She said Olubobokun struck her pinch nan woody paddle truthful difficult she peed her pants and had to deterioration agelong aquatics shorts to lifeguard campy to screen nan bruises down nan backmost of her legs.

Erickson took her complaints to constabulary successful June 2021 erstwhile she recovered retired Olubobokun had opened and was moving different Christian school.

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“It took maine a very agelong clip not to beryllium acrophobic of that man,” she said.

Over 1 twelvemonth later, Erickson led nan motorboat of a $25-million class-action suit against Mile-Two Church and Legacy Christian Academy’s erstwhile unit members, alleging nan beingness and intersexual maltreatment of nan school’s students.

The proceedings is expected to proceed for nan remainder of nan week.

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