Finland’s jets join mission in Romania for 1st NATO deployment

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Finland connected Tuesday made its first deployment for NATO since joining nan confederation successful April 2023, sending 7 F-18 combatant jets to a subject guidelines successful southeastern Romania wherever they will behaviour aerial shielding missions pinch Romanian and British jets.

A Finnish Air Force commandant said nan ngo would thief velocity up Finland’s integration into NATO.

“I’m judge that during this enhanced aerial policing aerial shielding ngo our integration into NATO will return a large leap forward,” Johan Anttila, commandant of Finland’s Karelia Air Wing told soldiers connected nan tarmac astatine nan Mihail Kogalniceanu base.

“We arsenic a squad will person learned a batch and each this will boost NATO deterrence and defense.”

 'Finland signs 10-year information pact pinch Ukraine to measurement up subject aid'

2:01 Finland signs 10-year information pact pinch Ukraine to measurement up subject aid

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Finland’s accession, ending 7 decades of subject non-alignment, astir doubled nan magnitude of nan separator nan North Atlantic Treaty Organization shares pinch Russia and bolstered its eastbound flank amid Moscow’s ongoing warfare successful Ukraine.

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Romania, a NATO personnel since 2004, was among nan first confederation states to o.k. Finland’s accession. Romania shares a 650-km (400-mile) separator pinch Ukraine and has had Russian drone fragments stray into its territory many times arsenic Moscow attacks Ukrainian ports conscionable crossed nan Danube River that separates nan countries.

It besides hosts a NATO-backed location F-16 training hub wherever Ukrainian pilots will soon statesman learning really to alert F-16 jets provided by nan Netherlands.

—Reporting by Luiza Ilie; Editing by Alexandra Hudson

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