Family demands answers in teen’s drowning at city pool

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When Kyra Sereda Paul thinks of her relative Adam, she remembers his consciousness of humour. “Even if it wasn’t funny, he someway made it funny,” she said. “I don’t cognize really he did it.”

The siblings grew up successful Winnipeg, and spent hours successful their grandparents’ pool, vying for nan title of deepest diver aliases fastest swimmer.

“He did hit maine past summer, I will admit that,” she said.

Their parents, Cindy Paul and Jason Sereda, brought their children to nationalist pools often.

“Everybody called him a fish,” Paul said. “And this happened, and I cannot understand why.”

On April 1st, 2024, Paul took Adam to aquatics astatine nan Cindy Klassen Recreation Complex pool. Paul remembers watching her boy jump into nan heavy extremity from nan pool’s study area earlier she went to nan washroom astatine 4:11 p.m.

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“I came backmost and he wasn’t there,” she said, “And I sat backmost down because that’s not abnormal either, for illustration he goes to nan alteration room.”

She waited a fewer minutes for him to return.

“At 4:34, I called his phone… but location was nary answer,” she said. Shortly after, she saw a lifeguard deed nan siren button. “He was correct successful beforehand of maine astatine nan bottommost of nan pool, correct wherever I couldn’t spot him, nan full time,” Paul said. “I couldn’t see. I didn’t know.”

Adam couldn’t beryllium revived. And now his parents are seeking answers from nan City of Winnipeg arsenic to really their boy drowned astatine a excavation pinch lifeguards connected nan scene. They allege unit were not watching nan heavy extremity of nan pool, and didn’t supply due first aid. Paul says unit could not find a portion of instrumentality needed to usage a CPR bag.

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“That ne'er touched Adam,” she said.

“There’s perfectly nary excuse for this,” said Sereda.

Paul besides says she remembers unit talking astir “shift change” – but swimmers were not told to get retired of nan water.

Paul and Sereda opportunity they’ve received small connection from nan City of Winnipeg since April 1. Sereda reached retired to St. Boniface City Councillor Matt Allard, but says he’s yet to speak pinch him directly, alternatively speaking pinch an assistant.

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“That is nan only personification from nan City that has said thing to us, and that’s because Jay asked,” said Paul Tuesday. “I don’t deliberation it’s my work aliases occupation to travel up pinch questions for them. I deliberation it’s their work to talk to us.”

In an email, Global News sent nan City of Winnipeg a database of questions astir lifeguard staffing and training policies, displacement alteration protocol, and changes made since Adam’s death. Global besides requested an interview, which nan City declined.

“Please statement that whenever location is simply a captious incident successful 1 of our recreation and leisure facilities, we travel a post-incident protocol which includes reviewing and debriefing pinch unit and management. We don’t person immoderate further accusation to stock successful this respect astatine this time,” said Corporate Communications Manager David Driedger successful an emailed statement.

The connection besides noted nan Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service has offered to meet pinch Adam’s parents to spell complete their consequence to nan incident – but Paul and Sereda opportunity it’s not WFPS’s consequence they return rumor with.

“This was a young child, but it could person been immoderate age, because they weren’t there,” said Paul. “They weren’t watching.”

Sereda says constabulary told him location is nary camera footage of nan portion of nan excavation wherever Adam drowned – only nan study area wherever Paul was sitting. The excavation closed for nan remainder of nan evening connected April 1 but reopened nan adjacent day.

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In nan astir 2 months since their boy and relative died, his family has leaned heavy connected support from Winnipeg’s lucky community. Adam was an avid lucky player, attending Churchill Hockey Academy and playing pinch nan St. Boniface Seals. Paul and Sereda opportunity they were particularly touched by nan outpouring of support from Adam’s teammates and friends.

“They kept america going for nan first mates weeks,” said Paul.

“They would show up astatine your home, pinch nutrient and cards and flowers,” said Sereda.

“There’s nary words to picture it,” said Kyra Sereda Paul.

Until nan City answers their questions – and makes changes – nan family fears what happened to Adam could hap to others.

“Don’t deliberation you’re safe erstwhile you’re going to a nationalist pool. Do not deliberation for 1 instant,” said Sereda.

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